Ghana Institute Of Journalism ( GIJ )

Ghana Institute Of Journalism ( GIJ )

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About Ghana Institute Of Journalism ( GIJ )

Studying at GIJ offers numerous advantages. The school attracts lecturers and speakers who are experts in the field as well as students who already work in media and communication. Thus students gain invaluable opportunities to learn from peers and practitioners.

The Institute is conveniently located at Ringway, Osu, close to the centre of major businesses and Ministries of Government in Accra. It is a few minutes from the Parliament House, Accra Conference Centre, National Theatre, and main sports stadium, making it easy for students to cover a wide range of events. Read More

Ghana Institute Of Journalism ( GIJ ) Rector

I am delighted to welcome you to the Ghana Institute of Journalism, the premier university for media and communication training in Ghana.

GIJ is the first school of journalism in Ghana and became a pioneer in the sub-Saharan African Region when it was established in 1959. Beginning as a certificate-awarding institution, GIJ has grown into a university that awards not only diplomas and bachelor’s degrees, but also master’s degrees. Read More

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Ghana Institute Of Journalism ( GIJ ) LIBRARY

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Welcome to the Richard McMillan Library of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). With our user-friendly interface, we aim to provide easy navigation and access to the variety of materials in our collection. The Library also seeks to serve students and lecturers in the University Community, the Ghanaian public and the entire African continent.

It is the Library’s aim to meet the information needs and provide services to facilitate academic and research work. To this end, our collection has been carefully selected to reflect the core programs of the Institute, i.e. Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Communication Studies.

The Library is also aligned with the Institute’s vision of becoming the preferred communications training institute in Africa, upholding high academic standards and producing world class professionals for the transformation of society. Hence, we go out of our way to ensure availability of relevant and up-to-date information materials to our patrons.

You are welcome to make suggestions and show concerns as to how to make your experience with our services better. Kindly reach out to any of our affable staff with your feedback. Thank you for coming and I wish you an enjoying and rewarding patronage.Read More

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Ghana Institute Of Journalism ( GIJ ) STUDENTS

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) serves as the organ and mouthpiece of students of the Institute. The SRC seeks the interest of students in academic, social, and cultural activities. As an integral organ of the Institute, the council, through non-violent channels of communication, influences decision making and policy formulation. The SRC also fosters good relationships between GIJ students and the outside world and further seeks the welfare of the student body of the Institute and Ghana as a whole.


The Executive Committee
The executive committee is involved in the day-to-day running and administration of the Student Representative Council. The committee consists of the executive officers such as the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Financial Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Women’s Commissioner and the External Affairs Commissioner.

The General Assembly
The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the SRC and all issues concerning students are discussed here. The General Assembly has representations from the halls, clubs and associations and classes. It takes decisions for the running of the students’ leadership.

The Judicial Committee
The committee is comprised of the Chief Justice and Justices who are all students. Its functions include the enforcement and interpretation of the council’s constitution. It also has jurisdiction in matters relating to elections, impeachment proceedings and disputes amongst students in the Institute.

The SRC is also comprised of hall executives, clubs and society executives and others from the general student body. In addition, the SRC is represented on the GIJ governing Council and the various Institute boards and committees that handle student welfare.

The SRC is a member of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and Ghana Union of Professional Students, non-political organizations that represent members on national and international issues that affect students’ welfare.


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