Goat For Sale In Ghana

Goat For Sale In Ghana

Crossbred Goats:

Another possibility to think about is breeding regional breeds with more advanced breeds. 

Desirable characteristics in crossbred goats include enhanced meat or milk output. 

They are frequently inexpensively priced.

What are the affordabley purchase goat in Ghana:

Sahelian Goat:

The arid and semi-arid regions of Ghana are ideal for Sahelian goats. 

They are renowned for their capacity to tolerate severe weather and have lengthy legs. 

They are often inexpensive and widely accessible.

Saneen Goat:

Saneen goats are well-known for producing a lot of milk and are huge in size. 

Although they originated in Switzerland, they are now widespread around the world, including Ghana. While they may be relatively more expensive than the local breeds, they can still be considered affordable compared to some other exotic breeds.

Boer Goat:

South Africa gave rise to the meat breed known as the boer goat. 

They are renowned for their quick development and high-quality meat. Boer goats may be slightly more expensive compared to local breeds, but they are still considered affordable due to their market demand.

West African Dwarf (WAD) Goat:

Ghana and other countries in West Africa are home to this breed. 

The diminutive WAD goat is renowned for its toughness and adaptability. 

Here are a few reasonably priced Goat that are popular in Ghana:

Saneen Goat:

The Saneen breed is known for its high milk yield and is favored for dairy production in Ghana. 

They might cost a little bit more than other kinds, but farmers favor them because of their production and versatility.

West African Dwarf Goat:

A diminutive breed of goat that is typically seen in Ghana is the West African dwarf goat. 

They are renowned for their disease resistance and ability to adapt to severe settings. 

These goats are mostly kept for meat, and they are reasonably priced to buy.

Nubian Goat:

A well-liked breed of goat in Ghana is the Nubian, which is renowned for producing a lot of milk. 

They are well adapted to tropical climes and have long, floppy ears. 

Even while they might cost a little more than other breeds, given their capacity for producing milk, they are still thought to be competitively priced.

List Of expensive Goat For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

Alpine Goat:

Alpine goats are renowned for their abundant milk production and environmental flexibility. 

They are prized for the quantity and quality of their milk and are regarded as a dairy breed. Alpine goats may be relatively more expensive due to their productivity and suitability for dairy farming.

Anglo-Nubian Goat:

The Anglo-Nubian breed is renowned for producing a lot of milk and is regarded as a breed with two distinct uses: milk production and meat production. 

They are known for their ability to adapt to different temperatures and for having distinctively long ears. 

Boer Goat:

The Boer goat, albeit not indigenous to Ghana, is highly prized for its superior meat quality and quick growth. 

It was developed primarily to produce meat and has a muscular body. 

Due to their excellent meat qualities, Boer goats may fetch a greater price than other breeds.

List Of Affordable Goat For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Crossbred Local Goats:

At fair costs, you can purchase crossbred goats that are a combination of regional breeds. 

Depending on criteria like genetics and age, the cost of crossbred goats can range from about 250 to 700 GHS.

West African Dwarf Goat: The West African Dwarf goat is a small-sized breed that is widely available in Ghana. Prices can range from around 200 to 500 Ghanaian Cedis (GHS) for a young goat.

Sahelian Goat: The Sahelian breed is known for its hardiness and adaptability to harsh environments. 

Nubian Goat:

Goats from the Nubian region are prized for their milk. 

In Ghana, the cost of a Nubian goat can vary from 400 to 1,000 GHS, depending on the animal’s lineage and age.

What are the breeding grounds of Goats in Ghana:

Northern Region:

There are a lot of goats in Ghana’s Northern Region, which includes the towns of Tamale, Yendi, and Bolgatanga. 

In this area, goat farming is very common, and there are numerous pastoral and agro-pastoral communities who practice it.

Ashanti Region: The Ashanti Region, particularly areas such as Ejura, Kumasi, and Mampong, has a significant number of goat farmers and breeding grounds. .

Brong-Ahafo Region:

Goats are abundant in the Brong-Ahafo Region, which includes cities like Techiman and Sunyani. 

In this region, raising goats is a crucial component of animal production. Both large-scale goat farms and small-scale goat farmers raise goats.

Upper East Region:

The Upper East Region, with towns like Navrongo and Bolgatanga, is another area where goat farming is prevalent. The region’s arid and semi-arid climate makes it suitable for goat rearing, and there are many pastoral communities engaged in goat production.

Where to buy Goat in Ghana:

Livestock Markets:

Livestock markets are a popular place to buy goats in Ghana. 

These marketplaces are commonly found in big towns and cities, as well as rural locations. Some well-known livestock markets in Ghana include the Kumasi Central Market in Kumasi, Makola Market in Accra, and Tamale Livestock Market in Tamale. 

At these markets, you can find a variety of goats from different breeds and sizes.

Agricultural Shows and Fairs:

Goats are among the animals that farmers and livestock breeders display at agricultural shows and fairs. 

These events often feature exhibitions, competitions, and sales of livestock. 

You can see a variety of goats and make direct purchases from the breeders by going to shows and fairs of this kind, which are held throughout Ghana.

Local Farmers:

Connecting with local farmers is another way to buy goats in Ghana. 

Many small-scale farmers and goat breeders have goats available for sale. 

You can enquire about goats for sale through word-of-mouth, community networks, or by reaching out to agricultural extension agencies in your area. Local farmers can provide you with information on available goat breeds, prices, and sometimes even delivery options.

Review of Goat for sale in Ghana;


If possible, inquire about the genetics of the goat you’re interested in. 

Inquire about the ancestry and breeding history to obtain an idea of the possible productivity and quality of kids, especially if you’re going to breed the goat.

Breed and Purpose:

Identify the breed and purpose of the goat you’re interested in. 

Different breeds have specific characteristics and suitability for meat, milk, or dual-purpose production. 

Study the breed’s features, production, and any unique considerations linked to their care and maintenance.

Age and Size:

Evaluate the age and size of the goat. Younger goats may require additional care and feeding before they reach maturity, while older goats might have different productivity levels. Choose a size that aligns with your farming goals and available resources.


It’s vital to check the overall health of the goat before making a purchase. 

Look for evidence of attentiveness, good physical condition, clear eyes, a lustrous coat, and healthy hooves. 

A healthy goat should be active and exhibit typical characteristics

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