Best Health Insurance In Ghana

Best Health Insurance In Ghana

The National Health Insurance Scheme was established by the government of Ghana in 2003. The program a form of national health insurance established to provide equitable access and financial coverage for basic health care services to Ghanaian citizens.

What does Ghana health insurance cover?

The NHIS covers outpatient services, including diagnostic testing and operations such as hernia repair; most in-patient services, including specialist care, most surgeries, and hospital accommodation (general ward); oral health treatments; all maternity care services, including Caesarean deliveries; emergency care.

How much does NHIS cost in Ghana?

The premium and enrolment processing fee from the non-exempt group is GHS30. 00 (US$6.33) per year. However, the exempt group only pays a processing fee of GHS8. 00 (US$1.69) for new enrolment and GHS5.

What are the various types of health insurance schemes operated in Ghana?

Currently, three main health insurance schemes are in the country: district mutual health insurance, private commercial health insurance, and private mutual health insurance.

Does NHIS help Ghana?

The NHIS has made care accessible and affordable in Ghana. Some groups of people such as the aged, children, and pregnant women are given immunity against premium payment. This helped in removing some socio-economic barriers to healthcare.

How many people in Ghana have health insurance?

Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) active membership has risen from 10.8 million in 2018 to over 12 million in 2019. Ashanti Region recorded the highest active membership of 2.2 million followed by the Greater Accra region with 1.7 million.

How do I link my Ghana card to NHIS?

How to link your NHIS to NIA Ghana card

  1. Dial *929#
  2. Select option 4 (link NIA Ghana Card)
  3. Enter the 13 digits Ghana Card PIN – “GHA –XXXXXXXXX-X”
  4. Press send.
  5. Enter the 8 digits NHIS membership number.
  6. Press Send.
  7. Wait for confirmation message.

How much is renewal of NHIS?

NHIS imposes an additional convenience charge of 1.00 GHS to renew the NHIS policy via mobile. Needless to say, members need to have sufficient balance in their mobile wallet to successfully complete their transaction.

How do I get a NHIS card?

Contact the district office or NHIS agent in your community. Fill a replacement form and pay the processing fee where applicable. You will be issued with a new ID card.

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