House For Sale In Kumasi Ghana

House For Sale In Kumasi Ghana

What are the affordable house for sale in Kumasi Ghana;

The follwing areas has affordable housing system:


Ahodwo, Kumasi.

Asokore Mampong.

Asem, Kumasi.





Here are a few reasonably priced house that are popular in  kumasi Ghana:

These options are popular due to their affordability and availability:

Two-Bedroom Apartments:

Small families or single people searching for more space sometimes choose two-bedroom apartments. 

A living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom are usually included.

Single-Room Self-Contained Houses:

Affordable Housing Developments:

Affordable housing alternatives are a focus of certain housing initiatives in Kumasi. 

These developments might provide a range of housing options at affordable prices, including apartments and single-family homes.

Three-Bedroom Houses:

Homes with three bedrooms provide extra space and are ideal for larger families. 

A living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two or more bathrooms are frequently included in them.

Semi-Detached Houses:

Duplexes, commonly referred to as semi-detached homes, are two homes connected by a common wall. 

They are well-liked in Kumasi because they give two families separate living quarters and are less expensive than standalone homes.

List Of expensive house For Sale In kumasi Ghana and Their Prices?

Here are the things to consider when choosing an expensive house in kumasi

Prime Locations:

Prices for homes in prestigious or sought-after areas of Kumasi could be higher. 

These places frequently have amenities, are close to commercial centers, and have decent infrastructure.

Size and Features:

Prices are often higher for homes with larger square footage, more acreage, opulent finishing, high-end amenities (including swimming pools, gardens, and home theaters), and contemporary architectural styles.

Exclusivity: In Kumasi, certain gated neighborhoods or residential districts offer opulent homes with improved security and extra amenities, which raises the cost.

Quality of Construction: Due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, homes constructed with high-quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and premium finishes can cost more.

Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces: Homes with well-kept grounds, gardens, or outside gathering spaces may command a premium price.

List Of Affordable house For Sale In kumasi Ghana and Their Prices:

The following price ranges are approximate and can change over time:

Three-Bedroom Houses:

Affordable three-bedroom homes can be found for anywhere between GHS 150,000 and GHS 500,000, depending on the area, size, and condition.

Single-Room Self-Contained Houses:

Single-room self-contained homes can cost anywhere between GHS 30,000 to GHS 80,000.

Two-Bedroom Apartments:

Depending on location and features, affordable two-bedroom flats can be found for between GHS 100,000 and GHS 300,000..

List Of unpurchase houses at kumasi:

The following are places where you can buy houses in Ghana

Newspaper Classifieds:

In Kumasi, look at the classified sections of the periodicals. 

Some sellers continue to promote their listings in print media.

Local Real Estate Agents:

Make contact with Kumasi-based real estate brokers. 

They have access to real estate listings and can give you details about homes that are currently up for sale but have not yet been bought.


Inform your contacts, acquaintances, and coworkers that you are searching for homes to buy in Kumasi. 

They might be aware of vacant properties or be able to put you in touch with vendors.

Where to buy houses in kumasi Ghana:


Santasi is a well-liked neighborhood in Kumasi and is renowned for its inexpensive housing alternatives. 

It gives good access to services, schools, and transportation links and contains a mix of apartments and houses.


Asokwa is a long-established and highly sought-after residential neighborhood that is situated in the heart of Kumasi. 

It provides a range of housing choices, such as condominiums, single-family homes, and apartments. Asokwa is known for its proximity to amenities, shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities.


In Kumasi, Ahodwo is a lively and busy district. 

It is renowned for being easily accessible, having a thriving commercial district, and being close to significant sites like the Kumasi Mall. 

Airport Residential Area:

The expensive and exclusive housing alternatives in this neighborhood are well-known. 

It offers opulent homes and gated communities with top-notch security and facilities close to the Kumasi Airport.


Danyame is a quiet neighborhood in Kumasi. 

It is renowned for its serene setting and thoughtful residential projects. 

It provides a variety of homes and flats in a range of price points.

Review of house for sale in kumasi Ghana:


Consider the house’s size, location, condition, asking price, and current market conditions. 

To establish whether the house is priced competitively, compare its price to that of nearby properties that are similar.


Take into account the neighborhood’s accessibility to facilities including schools, hospitals, retail malls, and transportation options. 

A good location can increase a home’s livability and resale value.

Size and Layout:

Take into account the neighborhood’s accessibility to facilities including schools, hospitals, retail malls, and transportation options. 

A good location can increase a home’s livability and resale value.


Examine the home’s overall upkeep, structural soundness, electrical and plumbing systems, roof, and maintenance. 

To determine whether any prospective repairs or renovations are needed, a comprehensive assessment is crucial.

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