Luxury Houses For Sale In Ghana ;Best Deals & Prices

Luxury Houses For Sale In Ghana ;Best Deals & Prices

Which affordable Houses are for sale in Ghana? Discover the best deals and where to buy affordable Houses On our website in Ghana …..In Ghana, there are various brands of inexpensive Houses that may be purchased. Here are some well-known and reasonably priced Houses that you might take into consideration, however individual models and costs may differ:

Here are a few reasonably priced Houses  that are popular in Ghana:

Affordable housing schemes:

In order to provide decent quality housing at reasonable prices, the Ghanaian government and private developers have launched affordable housing projects. 

With accessible financing choices, these developments provide a range of housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes.


In order to provide decent quality housing at reasonable prices, the Ghanaian government and private developers have launched affordable housing projects. 

With accessible financing choices, these developments provide a range of housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes.


Apartments, often known as flats, are multi-unit structures that sell individual units. 

They can range in size from tiny studio apartments to larger homes with many bedrooms, and they are particularly prevalent in urban regions. 

Flats frequently offer communal amenities like parking, security, and communal leisure spaces.

Gated communities: Gated communities are residential developments that consist of several houses within a secured compound. These communities often offer shared amenities like security, recreational facilities, and common areas. Gated communities are popular among individuals seeking a safe and organized living environment.

Single-family houses:

Families and individuals that value greater privacy and space frequently choose single-family residences, which are standalone homes. 

These dwellings can range in size from modest bungalows to substantial multi-story residences. 

Both urban and suburban areas can find them.

List Of expensive Houses For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

There are no relevant informations about expensive house in Ghana perhrap we can provide you with a general idea of some high-end residential areas in Ghana where expensive houses are commonly found:

Cantonments (Accra):

Cantonments is a famous neighborhood in Accra that offers upscale residential units. The cost of luxury homes in this area might also surpass the millions.

East Legon (Accra):

A mix of expensive homes, mansions, and opulent villas can be found in the highly sought-after residential neighborhood of East Legon. The size, style, and location of a property will all affect its price in this region.

Trasacco Valley (Accra):

The gated neighborhood of Trasacco Valley is well-known for its opulent residences, many of which have cutting-edge architecture and lavish amenities. In this region, housing prices can be fairly expensive and are frequently in the upper price bracket.

Airport Hills (Accra):

This premium area offers a variety of luxury homes with top-notch fixtures and amenities and is close to the Kotoka International Airport. Homes in Airport Hills can cost a lot of money.

Airport Residential Area (Accra):

This region is well-liked by wealthy Ghanaians and expatriates due to its premium properties. In this area, expensive homes might cost anything from several hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollar

List Of Affordable Houses For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:


Townhouses, which have shared walls and smaller footprints than single-family homes, are frequently a more economical choice. To find economical solutions, look into townhouse projects in various places.

Resale Properties:

Frequently, older homes or those that require renovations are less expensive. Think about shopping for resale homes that could need some work but are less expensive.

Suburbs and Outskirts:

Finding homes in the suburbs or fringes of large cities frequently results in more affordable possibilities. Property values in these places could be less expensive than in the city center. Kasoa, Amasaman, and Adenta are a few suburban neighbourhoods of Accra.


Apartments or flats are a popular option for affordable housing in urban areas. Prices can vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the unit. It’s advisable to check real estate websites or consult with local agents to find affordable apartments for sale.If you’re looking for affordable apartments for sale, it’s a good idea to search real estate websites or speak with neighborhood agents.

Affordable Housing Projects:

The Ghanaian government and private developers have initiated various affordable housing projects aimed at providing decent quality housing at affordable prices. Examples include the Saglemi Housing Project, Affordable Housing Project at Borteyman, and other similar initiatives.

List Of Used Houses For Sale In Gh and Their Prices:

The availability and prices of used houses for sale in Ghana can vary depending on factors such as location, size, condition, amenities, and market demand. To find a list of used houses for sale in Ghana and their prices, you can explore the following options:

Online Real Estate Websites:

A segment of websites like meQasa, Tonaton, and Lamudi is devoted to listing properties, including used homes. You can narrow down your search for homes based on area, price range, and preferences. The postings often provide information about the property, like its square footage, number of bathrooms, and asking price.

Social Media Groups:

Some online forums or groups on social media sites like Facebook or WhatsApp concentrate on Ghanaian real estate and property listings. By joining these organizations, you can gain access to used homes for sale and get a sense of their prices.

Local Real Estate Agents:

To learn more about available properties, including used homes, get in touch with local real estate agents or companies in Ghana. They can help you identify acceptable solutions and provide information on prices if you give them your criteria and budget.

Online Classifieds:

There are classified sections on websites like OLX and Tonaton where people can offer real estate for sale, including used homes. Look through the available ads, apply filters based on your choices, and get in touch with the vendors to find out the cost.

Where to buy house in Ghana:

3 Bedroom Furnished At East Legon

  • GH¢20,650/per month

East Legon

3bedrooms At East Legon American

  • GH¢8,050/per month

East Legon

Review of House for sale in Ghana:

However, I can give you a general idea of what aspects to consider when evaluating a house for sale in Ghana:


The asking price of the home should be compared to the neighborhood’s comparable homes’ current market worth. To ascertain whether the asking price is acceptable and fair, look into previous real estate sales in the area.


Take into account the neighborhood, nearby amenities (such as markets, hospitals, and schools), accessibility to transit, and the general attractiveness of the region.


Examine the home’s overall condition, including the building’s structure, foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical, and other systems, as well as any damage or maintenance issues. Pay close attention to any prospective upkeep or remodeling expenses.

Size and Layout:

Make sure the house’s size and layout suit your unique needs and preferences by inspecting it. Think about the quantity of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchen design, and storage possibilities.

Amenities and Features:

A garage, garden, swimming pool, security features, or any other special selling aspects that raise the value of the property should all be noted as amenities and features.

Legal Documentation:

Make sure all required legal paperwork, such as building permits, land title papers, and ownership records, are in order. To ensure a smooth transaction that complies with the law, legal counsel is advised.

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