Houses for sale in larteh in Ghana

Houses for sale in larteh in Ghana

What are the affodable Houses for sale in larteh Ghana:

Here are a few general tips to help you find affordable houses in Labone:

Local Real Estate Agents:

Speak with neighborhood real estate brokers or businesses that focus on Labone residences. 

They will have access to the most recent listings and may advise on reasonably priced homes that are up for sale in the neighborhood.

Real Estate Websites:

Find homes for sale in Labone by visiting well-known real estate portals in Ghana like meQasa, Tonaton, or Jumia House. 

To focus your search on solutions that are inexpensive and fall inside your spending limit, use the pricing filters.

List Of expensive Houses for sale in larteh in Ghana and Their Prices?

High-end homes are among the variety of housing options available in Larteh. 

The cost of costly homes in Larteh can vary greatly based on the size, location, architectural style, amenities, and general state of the property. 

Real estate prices are prone to fluctuation, so it’s best to check with neighborhood real estate agents or browse online listings for the most recent and accurate information.

To find expensive houses for sale in Larteh, you can consider the following steps:

Local Real Estate Agents:

Speak with regional real estate firms or agents who focus on the Larteh region. 

They will have access to current listings and be able to give details on high-end residences that are for sale as well as their associated costs.

Online Property Portals:

Use websites that specialize in real estate, such meQasa, Tonaton, or Jumia Home. 

There are frequently postings for homes on these websites, including ones in Larteh and other regions of Ghana. 

To reduce the selections, use the search criteria to indicate your preferences, such as price range and property type.

List Of Affordable Houses for sale in larteh Ghana and Their Prices

Online Property Portals: Use websites that specialize in real estate, such meQasa, Tonaton, or Jumia House. There are frequently postings for homes on these websites, including ones in Larteh and other regions of Ghana. To reduce the selections, use the search criteria to indicate your preferences, such as price range and property type.

Local Real Estate Agents:

Speak with regional real estate firms or companies with a focus on the Larteh region. 

They will have access to current listings and be able to give details on reasonably priced homes that are up for sale and their associated prices.

List Of unpurchase house for sale in larteh Gh and Their Prices

A variety of housing alternatives are available in the town of Larteh, which is found in Ghana’s Eastern Region. 

Depending on elements including size, location, condition, architectural style, amenities, and market demand, the cost and availability of unsold homes in Larteh can vary greatly.

To find unpurchased houses for sale in Larteh, you can consider the following steps:

Local Real Estate Agents:

Speak with regional real estate firms or agents who focus on the Larteh region. 

They will have access to current listings and be able to give details on unsold homes that are up for sale, including their associated prices.

Where to buy houses in larteh Ghana;

Ark Housing & Property Management

No reviews · Construction and maintenance office

Akuapem · 026 106 2500

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

G.G. Ankrah’s House

No reviews · Apartment building



No reviews · Housing complex


Artsah Holdings

5.0(2) · Real estate agency


Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm · 025 698 5554

On-site services·Online appointments

Review for houses for sale in larteh Ghana

Property condition:

Examine the house’s overall condition, taking into account the structure, the roofing, the flooring, the plumbing, and the electrical systems. 

Consider the potential expense of repairs or renovations while keeping an eye out for any signs of wear or deterioration.


Think on how close the residence is near important facilities like markets, hospitals, schools, and transit alternatives. 

Consider the neighborhood’s infrastructure, development prospects, and safety as well.

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