How To Buy MTN Shares In Ghana

How To Buy MTN Shares In Ghana

Learn How To Buy MTN Shares In Ghana ; MTN, has launched an Initial Public Offer aimed at raising 3.47 billion cedis from shares. Every Ghanaian has the opportunity to own shares in the company. Priced at GHC 0.75 per share, they must be purchased in multiples of 10, with a minimum subscription of GHC 7.50 which is the cost of 10 shares.

MTN Ghana has gone public by selling shares and being listed on the stock market.

The telecommunication giant has not indicated its intended target, but the media speculate it could be over US$745m.

Till the end of July, MTN Ghana is offering 4.64 billion shares at 75 pesewas each, representing 35% of its value.

Transferring part ownership of the company to Ghanaians was a regulatory requirement for the company to secure a 4G license for an 800MHz spectrum.

On 20 April MTN received the regulators’ approval to go ahead with the IPO and the company will work with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), and the Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) ahead of the official IPO launch.

The IPO is a major step towards listing MTN Ghana on the GSE and if successful, industry experts believe this could be achieved as early as June 2022.

It is time for you to invest in the number one telco in Ghana.

Investments are a major way of increasing your income and securing your future– buy MTN Ghana shares. Before we dive into how to buy MTN Ghana shares, let’s look at some benefits of buying shares (according to AMP Capital)

1. Capital gains over the long-term

2. A good source of income

3. Highly liquid

4. Tax advantages

5. Corporate control

What you should know about MTN Ghana shares

  • The shares are opwn from 29th May to 31st July, 2022
  • Buy your MTN Ghana share at 75p/share
  • Shares must be bought in multiples of ten with a minimum purchase of GHC7.50

To buy MTN Ghana shares.

Through mobile money

1. Dial *170#

2. Select option 7

3. If you are sure you have gone through the prospectus on, select “Yes”

4. Select option 1 to buy new shares

5. Enter the number of shares you want to buy.

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