How To Buy Online Phones In Ghana

How To Buy Online Phones In Ghana

Learn How To Buy Online Phones In Ghana ; Before you buy a new phone or plan online from a carrier, compare pricing easily from one place. Our comparison tool makes it easy for you to check out phone and plan to price across dozens of carriers in just a few minutes.

There is no shortage of places to buy a new cell phone online—you can purchase a device from major and small carriers alike (e.g. Verizon, AT&T, Cricket), manufacturers (e.g. Apple, Samsung), and retailers (e.g. Best Buy, Walmart).

Buying a phone online is generally a pretty straightforward process:

  • Browse the carrier’s phone catalog
  • Select the phone you want
  • Pick out any accessories or add-ons
  • Choose a device payment option (outright vs. monthly installments)

Keep in mind, depending on where you’re shopping (retailer vs reseller), and how you choose to pay, you’ll likely find some minor differences in the process.

Buying outright vs. monthly installments

Gone are the days of the two-year contract and its associated discount. Major carriers have opted to allow for either monthly installments or the outright purchase of your phone. There are ultimately no differences in pricing over the long haul; however, your monthly bill will be higher should you go the way of monthly installments, since the cost of your phone will be combined with your monthly plan price. That said, even with monthly installments, you’ll likely need to pay tax on the full purchase price of the phone upfront, in addition to any other associated costs (i.e. activation fees).

Regarding MVNOs, many will allow for the outright purchase of a phone, as well as offering financing options through third parties (such as Affirm and SmartPay). It’s worth mentioning that many of these MVNO financing agreements are subject to interest payments, depending on both the MVNO and your credit history.

Leasing a phone from Sprint

If you find yourself wanting a new phone more frequently than most, you may want to consider leasing a phone through Sprint’s Flex Lease program. This gives you a bit more flexibility, as you’re paying less per month than you would on a traditional monthly installment plan. This is particularly helpful if you’re into getting the latest and greatest devices, which can easily run you over a thousand dollars.

Sprint is currently the only major carrier with leasing options, which gives you the chance to lease a phone for an 18-month period. The one downside is you won’t own the phone at the end of the lease—you can, however, return it and upgrade to a new model, or buy your cell phone via one lump sum or an additional six monthly installments.

Remember that leasing a phone isn’t always the most cost-effective approach; installments on a new device will almost always end up being the cheaper route if you’re looking to own your device at the end of the day.

Where to buy cheap phones online

Phones are quickly becoming handheld computers for many, and price tags on newer models often reflect that. Fortunately, there are other means of purchasing quality phones online, without breaking the bank.

Refurbished/certified pre-owned

If you’re looking for a newer phone, but not necessarily at its current price point, many carriers and retailers sell refurbished phones—ones that are restored to like-new condition.

A common fear with buying refurbished/pre-owned phones online is the uncertainty surrounding their reliability, but it’s worth mentioning that where you buy your phone largely determines its reliability. Apple, for instance, has excellent quality control for their refurbished phones, including a one-year warranty with any iPhone purchase.

More ways to buy refurbished/pre-owned phones:

  • Verizon Wireless Certified Pre-Owned (90-day limited warranty)
  • AT&T Certified Restored (90-day limited warranty)
  • T-Mobile Certified Pre-Owned (90-day limited warranty)
  • Sprint Pre-Owned Phone (90-day limited warranty)
  • Best Buy Pre-Owned Cell Phones
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Older models

Many of today’s most popular phone models—iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and the Pixel series—release a new model at least once a year, if not more. Due to this, technological jumps between generations tend to be incremental, meaning older models stand the test of time better than they used to.

Most carriers usually carry stock of their older devices, and oftentimes promote deals to remind us that these phones still exist. You’ll likely be able to find great deals on older phones from third-party sellers as well, such as Amazon, Swappa, or eBay.

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