How To Buy Prepaid Using ECG App In Ghana

How To Buy Prepaid Using ECG App In Ghana

Learn more about how to buy prepaid using ecg app in Ghana;

What is prepaid?

(priːpeɪd ) also pre-paid. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Prepaid items are paid for in advance, before the time when you would normally pay for them.

How can I buy prepaid from ECG power?

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has announced a new shortcode for its non-smartphone users to recharge their prepaid credit digitally. The new shortcode is *226#.

How can I pay my ECG bill through mobile money?

How to pay your electric bills with MoMo

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Enter 2 MoMoPay & Pay Bill.
  3. Enter 2 Pay Bill.
  4. Enter 1 for Utilities.
  5. Enter 1 for ECG.
  6. Enter Account number.
  7. Enter Amount.
  8. Enter Reference.

How can I pay ECG bill in Ghana?

Our prepaid customers can buy prepaid credits at any of our offices or accredited private vending station. You can pay your electricity bill at any branch of the following banks countrywide. Cheques may be deposited at specific business premises appointed by PDS to serve as drop-off points.

How do I buy prepaid electricity with my phone?

STEP 1: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone. Follow the prompts and select/enter option 1 (Prepaid). STEP 2: Select Electricity. STEP 3: Select Enter Electricity.

How do I buy prepaid electricity online in Ghana?

for short, how to buy prepaid online. To use the E-prepaid app, users simply download E-PREPAID from the Google Play Store, sign up, enter their 8 or 9-digit meter number, their amount of purchase, and the name registered to the smart meter, and pay through MTN mobile money.

How do I load a prepaid meter in Ghana?

Levies, VAT and NHIL are all computed inside the meter. It uses a customer contactless smart card for loading money unto the meter from the vending the point. Go to the PrePaid Meter, Press the Orange Push Button on the Meter 6 times to Page 6. Billing for customers is done inside the meter.

What is the best way to buy prepaid electricity?

The cheapest way to buy prepaid electricity

  1. Buying in bulk is not cheaper. Incline Block Tariff (IBT) means the more electricity you buy in a month, the more you pay per unit of electricity. …
  2. Buy a Geyser Timer. …
  3. Use your appliances less. …
  4. Close the blinds. …
  5. Use LED Lighting. …
  6. Use Cold Water for your washing machine.

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