How To Change Your NSS Posting For Free

How To Change Your NSS Posting For Free

How Do I Change My NSS Posting ? Changing Your National Service Posting isnt an easy task to perform .The easiest way to get reposted is if there’s a company that’s willing to hire. If there is, get a letter of assurance from the company (with your NSS number) and take it to the secretariat office. And that’s it.

How To Change Your NSS Posting For Free

What is NSS special posting?

The National Service Special Posting -NSS Special Posting is when prospective service Personnel who were not successful with placement to entities of their choice are lured by certain unscrupulous individuals to pay an amount of money to be posted to their place of choice. At least, this is the widely known definition

How to do NSS Reposting

The following are step by step procedures followed when going for NSS reposting,

1. Be a posted NSS Personnel
2. Think about why you need NSS reposting
3. Write a very convincing letter stating the reason why you need NSS reposting
4. If possible seek a cover letter letter from your current boss
5. If medical reasons, make sure to add reports of medical condition
6. Proceed to the Regional Office of the NSS
7. Be alert to give an oral explanation of your ordeal when the need be

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