How To Check Car Chassis Number In Ghana

How To Check Car Chassis Number In Ghana

Learn How To Check Car Chassis Number In Ghana ; You can find your VIN on the insurance identification card issued by your insurance company. You can find your VIN on the vehicle registration card issue by DVLA. You can find your VIN on a label on either the driver’s-side or one of the passenger-side door panel.

What is a car’s chassis number?

A vehicle identification number is a unique code, including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization in ISO 3779 and ISO 4030.The chassis number of a vehicle, also sometimes referred to as vehicle identification number, is a unique number assigned to your car by the manufacturer. The VIN is a 17-digit number that distinguishes your car from other models and makes.

Where can I find my chassis number?

Your car’s chassis number is often printed on the driver’s side door. There will be a metal strip found on the B-pillar of the car which will have the number printed on it. This can be seen when the driver’s side of the door is opened.

Why should chassis number be checked?

As a car buyer, there are several reasons why you need to check for this unique number. One of these is, it helps you to know the actual year the car was manufactured. Basically, it gives you the history of the car.

Now let’s get to the main topic. How do you check your car’s chassis number?

There are several areas a car you can find the Vehicle Identification Number printed on.

Here are the areas you can find a vehicle’s this number printed on.

You can check a car’s chassis number from the following areas

  • Car documents

This is the commonest place to find your vehicle’s chassis number. Read through the car documents and check the following areas to find the chassis number police reports, insurance documents, title, owner’s manual and registration card.

  • Engine block

This unique number is mostly printed on the front of the engine block.

  • Driver’s side door

This is another place most manufacturers write the chassis number. Just open your driver’s side door and look around the edges of the doorjamb. You will find a white sticker there with the VIN number. You might also want to check near the seat belt if you don’t find it at the door side.

  • Dashboard

You can also find the Vehicle Identification number on the lower side of the dashboard. This is a common area most manufacturers print the number on.

After getting the VIN, you can then input it in an online car registry and all the details of the car will be revealed to you.

How To Check Car Chassis Number Online In Ghana

  1. Visit
  2. Insert your VIN number into the space provided
  3. Information about your vehicle will be displayed to you.

How do I find the year model of my chassis number?

  1. If your 4th VIN character is G, then it represents the Month – July.
  2. If your 5th & 6th characters are 12 it represents the Year – 2012.
  3. If your 10th VIN character is D, then it represents the Model Year – 2013.

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