How To Check Lotto Results In Ghana

How To Check Lotto Results In Ghana

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What is the NLA Short Code?

The nla short code is *890# (formerly *959#). This is what you’re going to use to stake the lotto on your phone.

Make sure you are registered on Vodafone Cash or MTN Mobile Money.

How to stake lotto using your phone.

  1. Pick up your mobile phone. Make sure you have some money in your MTN Mobile money wallet
  2. Dial *890#
  3. Select option 1 (the current game)
  4. Select which way you want to stake your numbers. Options available are Direct, 2-Sure, Direct-3, Direct-4, Direct-5, Perm-2, Perm-3, and Banker.
  5. Select the number(s) you are predicting. Separate each number with space.
  6. Enter the amount you want to play. (GHS 1.00 – GHS 200.00)
  7. Enter 1 to confirm
  8. You’ll receive a mobile money notification to confirm and approve the payment.

How to get paid when you win lotto in Ghana.

You should not be worried about how you will get paid if you win.

The systems are programmed in a way that all winners will be paid directly into their mobile money wallet as soon as they win.

If you need more information about NLA lottery, visit their official website at

Important information.

You can only play 5/90.

5/90 simply means you are choosing five numbers out of ninety (90).

Playing lotto on your phone is available on MTN and Vodafone networks.

For the other networks, we have not tried.

Frequently Asked Questions.

These are answers to popular questions asked by the online lotto community in Ghana.

Can lotto be played online in Ghana?

No. You can only play lotto on your mobile phone or directly at an agents place.

Is there a trick to win lotto in Ghana?

Lotto winning numbers are determined by a machine at random without any human intervention.

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