How To Contact Ghana Card Office

How To Contact Ghana Card Office Care In Ghana can be found on their official website , Thus we have come to your aid to help you to make enquires by contacting the Ghana Card Office in Ghana…..What Does Ghana Card Office do in Ghana?

The entity or organization in charge of monitoring and issuing the Ghana Card is referred to as the “Ghana Card Office.” The official national identification card of Ghana is called the Ghana Card. For Ghanaian nationals, it is a biometric identification card that acts as documentation of their identity and nationality.The government organization in charge of issuing and managing the Ghana Card is the Ghana Card Office, sometimes referred to as the National Identification Authority (NIA). For the purpose of issuing the Ghana Card, the NIA is in charge of gathering, verifying, and storing the personal and biometric data of Ghanaian individuals.Registration facilities are set up by the Ghana Card Office or NIA where qualified people can apply for the Ghana Card. These facilities are often spread out throughout several regions.

Some of the countrys in which Ghana Card operate include:

The Ghana Card primarily functions within of Ghana. 

It is the national identification card given to Ghanaians by their government. 

For Ghanaian residents living in the nation, the Ghana Card is intended to act as official documentation of identification and citizenship.The Ghana Card is mostly used within Ghana, however it may also be recognized as a legitimate form of identification in some situations outside of Ghana. For instance, Ghanaian nationals may occasionally use the Ghana Card as identification when going abroad. However, depending on the particular criteria and laws of each nation, the Ghana Card may not always be accepted and recognized as a legitimate identification card.

How To Contact Ghana Card office In Ghana?

To contact the Ghana Card office, also known as the National Identification Authority (NIA), in Ghana, you can use the following contact details:

National Identification Authority (NIA) Contact Center:

Phone: +233 302 772 431


NIA Website: You can visit the official NIA website at The website provides information about the Ghana Card, registration centers, and other related services. It may also have updated contact information or online inquiry forms.

RegionalNIAOffices:In Ghana, the NIA maintains regional offices. If you have questions about the Ghana Card in person or need assistance, go to the closest regional office. On the NIA website or by calling the NIA contact center, you may find the locations and phone numbers of these regional offices.

For questions, help, or support regarding the Ghana Card, it is advised to utilize the following contact information to get in touch with the NIA’s contact center or stop by one of their regional offices. 

They will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you the essential information, direction, and help regarding the Ghana Card registration procedure, required paperwork, and other matters.

Ghana Card Office contact details in Ghana:

Address: 8 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Off Gulf House Street, Accra


Open ⋅ Closes 4 pm

Phone030 299 9306

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