How to Get Transfer From One SHS/TVET To Another

How to Get Transfer From One SHS/TVET To Another

In the journey of education and vocational training, circumstances may arise that lead students to consider transferring from one senior high school (SHS) or technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institution to another. Whether it’s seeking a better academic fit, pursuing specialized courses, or overcoming personal challenges, the decision to transfer is a significant one.

Who can transfer from one SHS or TVET to another?

According to GES, first-year students can only transfer schools after completing an academic year. This process is called a transfer.

How to Get Transfer From One SHS/TVET To Another

  1. Get a release letter from their current school
  2. Contact the administration of the new school to get an assurance letter
  3. The Free SHS Secretariat will confirm that the student has been cleared by their current school
  4. The Free SHS Secretariat will transfer the student’s data from the old school to the new school
  5. The Free SHS Secretariat will notify the heads of both schools about the transfer

A school transfer request letter should include: 

  • The student’s address
  • The school’s address
  • The date
  • The subject
  • The reason for the transfer

The letter should end with a complimentary closing, signature, and name in capital letters. 

GES Contact Details

The GES’s headquarters can be contacted at these phone numbers: 

  • 0302-977-667
  • 0302-977-668
  • 0302-977-663

The GES can also be contacted by email at

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