How To Purchase US Stocks In Ghana

How To Purchase US Stocks In Ghana

Learn How To Purchase US Stocks In Ghana ; Contrary to what most people think, investing in the NYSE from Ghana is easily accessible through online investment apps called Online Brokers. However, it does require a few steps to follow. The upcoming paragraphs will detail an easy way to start investing in financial instruments for investors with little capital [Little capital = 100-200 US Dollars].

Shares of giant American Corporations are the most sought-after financial assets by the general public. Below we list [Some of] the most popular stocks of these two Stock Markets, starting from the ones that trade on NYSE:

Berkshire Hathaway: An investment corporation owned by the legendary investor Warren Buffet.

Alibaba Group: China’s e-commerce giant, owned by Jack Ma.

Visa: Largest provider of credit cards in the world.

Johnson & Johnson: An industrial colossus that produces articles of mass consumption.

J.P. Morgan Chase: Diversified Financial Group.

Exxon Mobil: World’s largest oil and gas producer.

Walmart: Number 1 supermarket chain worldwide.

Procter & Gamble: Another mass consumption industrial giant.

Mastercard: Provider of credit cards worldwide.

Walt Disney: The well-known entertainment and content company is also listed on the NYSE.

Can I invest in US stocks from Ghana?

Buy and sell thousands of U.S. stocks from Ghana

Bamboo gives unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the U.S. stock exchanges, right from your mobile phone or computer.

How do I buy USA stock?

The easiest way to buy stocks is through an online stockbroker.

After opening and funding your account, you can buy stocks through the broker’s website in a matter of minutes. Other options include using a full-service stockbroker or buying stock directly from the company.

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