How To Use Digital Address In Ghana

How To Use Digital Address In Ghana

Learn more about how to use digital address in Ghana;

What is digital address?

The digital address is a composite of the postcode (region, district & area code) plus a unique address. GhanaPostGPS translates your GPS location to a user friendly digital address.

What is digital address in Ghana?

GhanaPostGPS is Ghana’s official digital property addressing system which covers every inch of the country and ensures that all locations in the country are addressed. With GhanaPostGPS, every location has a unique digital address.

What is digital address used for?

The digital address is a composite of the postcode (region, district & area code) plus a unique address. GhanaPostGPS translates your GPS location to a user friendly digital address. With GhanaPostGPS, users can now precisely pinpoint any location in Ghana using the digital address of the place.

Is residential address the same as digital address?

What is the difference between residential and physical address? A residential address is a physical address, but a physical address is not necessarily a residential address. Examples of physical addresses that are not residential would be a virtual mailing address.

How are addresses written in Ghana?

The simplest address format, recognized by the national post, Ghana Post is: Recipient Name, Street Name, Digital Address, Area, Region. This is being implemented by Scuttle Box and Ghana Post which provide your address on your mailbox, to ensure there is consistency and accuracy in all deliveries and addressing.

How do I register my GhanaPostGPS?

How to register GhanaPostGPS

  1. Start by visiting Google play store if you use an Android device.
  2. Search for Ghana Post.
  3. Download it and install the App.
  4. Open the app.
  5. Give your name and telephone number as requested by the App. You should then have an easy time entering the name of a location to gets its address.

How do I find my GPS number?

Use Google Maps to Track Your Location

  1. Tap “My Location” (the bulls-eye target icon). This should center the map on your phone’s current location.
  2. Press and hold your finger on your current location that appears for more details.
  3. The GPS coordinates of your position will appear followed by the address.

What is GhanaPostGPS code?

What is Ghana GPS digital address? The address GA-059-3733 is for the Greater Accra Main Post Office. In a deconstructed form, GA-039 is the postal code for the area, G refers to the region of the location (Greater Accra), while A refers to the district (Accra), and 3733 is the unique address within the postal code.

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