How To Use Medabon Pills In Ghana

How To Use Medabon Pills In Ghana

Learn more about how to use medabon pill in Ghana;

What is Medabon pill?

Medabon is a combination therapy containing two medicines called mifepristone and misoprostol. Medabon is recommended for the medical termination of a pregnancy no later than 63 days after the first day of your last menstrual period.

How to take abortion pills – 4 steps to your medical abortion

One you have received your medical abortion package (either via post or collected from our of our clinics), there are 4 steps in your medical abortion process. 

The steps are detailled in our “Medical Abortion Treatment and Aftercare” booklet, which you can find and download at this link. 

  • Step 1: Taking the first tablet (mifepristone) – Once you receive the package, take your first tablet (mifepristone). Remove only the mifepristone from the blister pack and swallow it with plenty of water. Most people can continue their daily routine as normal after taking mifepristone. Don’t worry if you vomit more than 20 minutes AFTER swallowing the tablet.
  • Step 2: Taking the second tablets (misoprostol) – 24-48 hours after completing step 1, remove the 4 tablets of misoprostol from the blister pack. Place all 4 tablets either vaginally (which we recommend as there are fewer side-effects), or if you prefer in your mouth between your gum and cheek. The tablets might come out of the vagina when you start to bleed. If the tablets come out at this point, don’t worry as the medication will have been absorbed within 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: Taking the extra tablets (misoprostol) – 3 hours after completing step 2 – take the remaining 2 tablets of misoprostol unless you are sure you have already passed the pregnancy.
  • Step 4: Pregnancy test – 3 weeks after step three. It is important that you take the pregnancy test included in the medical abortion pack 3 weeks after you have completed Step 3. Please use the pregnancy test we have provided as it is different to the shop bought tests.

At Home Abortion Pills: a new telemedicine service

With the new telemedecine service available, all egilible clients will be able to take both pills for medical abortion up to 10 weeks in their own homes, without attending a clinic.

This means that if you meet safety criteria to allow for medical abortion without a scan, the abortion medications can either be collected by you from a centre or posted to your home address after your consultation.

Follow the link to know more about at home abortion pills.

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