How To Use The New Prepaid Meter In Ghana

How To Use The New Prepaid Meter In Ghana

Learn more about how to use the new prepaid meter in Ghana;

What is a Prepaid Meter?

Prepaid meters means meters allow a consumer to purchase a credit for a certain amount of electricity at a fixed price from a distributor or retailer by having the amount posted to the meter at the consumer’s location.

How do you use the new prepaid meter?

Go to your prepaid meter and enter the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard correctly on the LCD screen. If you enter the token correctly, the screen will display ? ACCEPT? which means that you have successfully recharged your prepaid meter.

How do you load a prepaid meter card for the first time?

Steps to load your purchased prepaid meter token.

  1. Input the 11 digit meter number and wait for some seconds.
  2. Input the 20 digit token to activate your prepaid meter (just input the 20digit and wait). …
  3. On request, your vendor will send 20digits code in two places.
  4. Input the 11 digit meter number.
  5. Input the first 20 digit.

How do I check my new prepaid meter balance?

Balance : To know your balance on the prepaid meter just dial “07” on the keypad followed by the blue button. your available balance will be displayed.

How do I activate my token meter?

KPLC meters activation can be done from the comfort of your home through purchasing tokens via M-PESA and AirtelMoney.


  1. Enter KPLC prepaid business number 888880 or 88888.
  2. Enter your 11 digit meter number.
  3. Enter amount between 250 and 35,000.
  4. Enter your M-Pesa pin.

How do you load prepaid electricity?

  1. Use the meter number on your card or receipt to buy your prepaid electricity. …
  2. Once you have bought your electricity token, punch the token number into your CIU at home to load the electricity units into your meter. …
  3. How to use your Smart Meter.
  4. It is important to only buy your electricity from legal vendors.

How do I check my prepaid electricity balance?

You can do a balance enquiry with your phone by dialling *120*47678# and choosing balance enquiry.

How do I find my prepaid meter code?

Prepaid meter codes for recharging and checking balance

Go to any dealer outlets or disco offices close to you with your smart card. Your account will be credited by the agent and you would be given a slip containing a 20 digit code along with your receipt.

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