How To Use Yellow Card In Ghana

How To Use Yellow Card In Ghana

Learn more about how to use yellow card in Ghana;

What is a yellow card?In football or rugby, if a player is shown the yellow card, the referee holds up a yellow card to indicate that the player has broken the rules, and that if they do so again, they will be ordered to leave the pitch.

How does Ghana Yellow Card work?

What is Yellow Card? Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers the safest way to buy and sell bitcoin in Ghana. You can also store your crypto easily and securely on Yellow Card.

How do you use Yellow Card?

Sign up for a Yellow Card account or log in to your account if you are an existing user. Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell from your dashboard or go to “Wallets” from your dashboard. Tap “Sell” and enter the amount of the crypto tokens you wish to trade. Review and confirm the details.

How do you withdraw money from a Yellow Card?

How Do I Withdraw Money?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Select your Local Currency Wallet, then tap “Withdraw.”
  3. Choose where to send money (via Mobile Money or Bank Transfer)
  4. Input your Bank Account or MoMo details, and the desired amount.
  5. Tap ” Review & Confirm”
  6. Input your Transaction PIN.
  7. Confirm details, and there we go!

How do you deposit money on a yellow card?

On the Yellow Card Web App:

  1. On your Yellow Card homepage select ” Deposit”
  2. Under payment method, select ” SPENN”
  3. Select ” I’ve got a SPENN account”
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit ( minimum RWF 100)
  5. Select ” Review & Confirm” by authorizing the transaction on your mobile device.
  6. Select ” Cash Out”

How do I open a yellow card account?

To create an account on Yellow Card is simple: Visit the Yellow Card Web App or download the mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store for iOS devices. Click on “Sign Up” and fill out some important information like your Full name, email address and phone number. Set a strong password.

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