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To build a world class tertiary institution for the education of our students for the development of human capital for the socio-economic development of society.


To turn out well-rounded employable graduates capable of being catalysts for socio-economic development by providing our students with affordable but quality and cutting-edge academic and professional training in their chosen fields of study.

KAAF University College Faculties , Department And Their Academic Programes


KAAF University College currently has one faculty which offers students a blend and variety of academic choices. The faculty is headed by a Dean. The Faculty of Engineering comprises:


The University College has four (4) departments which equally provide students with a blend of academic choices.

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration offers students options in

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Insurance
  • Human Resource Management

The promotion of legal education and the training of professional lawyers to support the rule of law and democratic governance is the pride of the Department of Law.

The Department of Law believes in producing highly qualified graduates who show proof of academic excellence, professionalism and competency in law. Students are exposed to a comprehensive understanding of the theories, concepts and ideas that make up the practice of law.


The Department of Nursing was established in 2014 to run a degree programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Its existence is to provide students with a deep overall understanding of the theories, concepts, and ideas that constitute the practice of Nursing and train students to be excellent professionals in health care delivery.

Its core mandate is to train students to offer excellent, selfless and professional nursing care to humanity.

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science seeks to provide students with basic analytic skills and knowledge in technology. It also endeavours to impact entrepreneurship, leadership and material skills to students so as to enable graduates take up positions in areas relating to Information technology.

The programme objectives are to raise successful professionals who are also capable of pursuing a graduate programme, have a broad knowledge in Computer Science and a substantial knowledge in at least one key area in computer science and be an independent thinker, capable of developing a professional career in computer science.

Academic Programes

  •  BSc. Civil Engineering
  •  BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  •  BSc. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  •  BSc. Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering
  •  BSc. Construction Technology
  •  BSc. Accounting
  •  BSc. Marketing
  •  BSc. Insurance
  •  BSc. Entrepreneurship
  •  BSc. Human Resource Management
  •  BSc. Banking and Finance
  •  BSc. Nursing (4-year)
  •  BSc. Nursing (3-year for SRN holders)
  •  BSc. Nursing (2-year for RGN Diploma holders)
  •  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – 3 year
  •  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – 4 year
  •  BSc. Computer Science

KAAF University College Admission

Admission Requirements