KNUST Bachelor BA Akan Language And Culture

KNUST Bachelor BA Akan Language And Culture

KNUST Bachelor BA Akan Language And Culture –  This programme is offered at KNUST College of Humanities and social science .

What is Bachelor BA Akan Language And Culture ?

Akan refers to the language of the Akan ethnic group of Ghana. It is also spoken in the central and eastern part of Ghana . Akan comprises three main mutually intelligible dialects: Fante, Asante Twi and Akwapim Twi. Asante Twi is the widely used. The programme is designed to equip students with knowledge in the Fante, Nzema or Twi language, literature and culture. 

KNUST Bachelor BA Akan Language And Culture Entry Requirement


Credit passes in THREE (3) Elective Subjects one of which shall be Akan and any two from the following: History, Geography, Literature in English, French, Economics, Religious Studies, Government and Business Management.

Applicants must have FIVE (5) credits at O’ Level, including English and Mathematics,


THREE (3) A’ Level passes, including French and/or Akan, and any TWO (2) of the following Subjects: Literature in English, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Business Management, any other Ghanaian Language, and Religious Studies. They must also have a pass in General Paper.

Applicants must be at least 25 years at the time of submitting the Application.
FIVE (5) Credits at the O’ Level, including English and Mathematics, French and/or Akan.
WASSCE/SSSCE credits in THREE (3) Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science), plus credits in THREE (3) relevant Elective Subjects including French and/or Akan and any ONE (1) or TWO (2) of the following: History, Literature in English, Economics, Government, Religious Studies, Business Management, Geography, Ghanaian Language and any other General Arts Elective. Applicants must also pass a written
examination and an interview.

Career Opportunities For BA Akan Language And Culture

The African languages track offers a unique opportunity when it comes to seeking employment in multi-national corporations or research undertakings based on the African continent. Our track also prepares students for the rigors of graduate studies in the humanities and for fields such as comparative literature, religious/ diaspora studies, African cinema, developmental practices, humanitarian services, language learning businesses, translations & interpretation for United Nations organizations and other international agencies, to mention just a few.

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