Kosmos Energy Ghana Exploration

Kosmos Energy Ghana Exploration

A Leading Oil and Gas Explorer

Kosmos is an exploration-led company with a proven ability to find large volumes of oil and gas. As expert oil finders, we are focused on identifying and unlocking new hydrocarbon systems, with a vision to grow organically through sustained exploration success.


Kosmos has established a significant portfolio of oil and gas exploration opportunities, with offshore positions in Mauritania, Morocco, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Suriname, and Western Sahara. We are processing seismic data and maturing prospects in anticipation of testing multiple new petroleum systems.



Kosmos’ oil and gas exploration approach is differentiated from others in the industry by our strategy and by our proven, repeatable process. Our strategy and plan rely on key areas of focus:

  • Business focus – Frontier and emerging areas
  • Technical focus – Under-explored exploration themes
  • Geographic focus – Areas with strong commercial terms. Our oil and gas exploration licenses focus on Africa, South America, and Europe.
  • Portfolio focus – Rifle shot approach on selective assets and a limited number of wells to maximize exploration efficiency


Intrinsic to our exploration process is discipline, diligence and determination. We pursue an ideology-based petroleum system analysis in each area of our operations involving hydrocarbon source, reservoir potential and trap evaluation. We believe this approach correctly prioritizes key play elements and de-risks opportunities, leading to a comprehensive perception of risk and reward prediction.

Big E, Big Opportunities



Kosmos places a big emphasis on exploration, and on the value exploration success produces for our stakeholders. We believe sustained exploration success with the drill bit, from the ground up, is the best way to create value for everyone.


Our exploration vision is focused on discovering new petroleum systems of significant size, repeatedly. And once we deliver a new petroleum system, we enhance the value of these discovered systems by growing and maturing them through follow-on exploration success, development and production.


Since 2011, we have built a portfolio with substantial resource potential. Our exploration and investments in 2015 comprise approximately 37 percent of our total organic capital program for the year. Our captured oil and gas exploration portfolio includes opportunities offshore Mauritania, Morocco, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Suriname, and Western Sahara. In addition, we are pursuing new venture opportunities in other areas.


Our commitment to exploration has led to repeated positive results. The most dramatic so far has been the Jubilee Oil Field discovery offshore Ghana in 2007. This massive find unlocked the Tano Basin, a new hydrocarbon province for development. It is a province in which we have had ongoing exploration success, with multiple follow-on discoveries.

A Legacy of Success


The Kosmos team has a 30-year record of exploration success. We are a group of proven exploration leaders, with multiple successes both individually and as a team. In 2007, Kosmos discovered the Jubilee Field, the decade’s largest oil find offshore West Africa.


Kosmos is the architect of the Late Cretaceous stratigraphic play concept that was proven with the world-class Jubilee find in 2007. Since Jubilee,
the company has discovered multiple follow-on discoveries offshore Ghana, totaling over 1.5 billion barrels of oil and 3 trillion cubic feet of gas, gross.

Putting Advanced Technology to Work

Kosmos Exporation Technology

Kosmos utilizes the most advanced technology in its efforts to find, access and produce oil and gas. We believe leading-edge technology in the hands of the best explorers in the industry is a recipe for success. We are making significant investments in exploration technology, including 3D seismic acquisition and, processing. Our emphasis is to ensure the highest quality seismic data using state of the art acquisition techniques, along with the latest advancements in seismic processing. Interpretation of seismic data is performed in-house on state of the art workstations using the latest interpretation software.

In addition to seismic data, Kosmos utilizes an array of advanced technology such as Controlled Source Electromagnetic surveys, Gravity Gradiometry and Magnetic surveys. All available technology is utilized and integrated to ensure success.