Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Academic Services

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Academic Services

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Library

The University Main Library is the management centre for all library operations within the University. It provides staff and technical services as well as coordinates the activities of the College Libraries. The University Librarian is the administrative and technical head of the University Library System, which is made up of the University Library and the six college libraries. She is directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor in all administrative, technical and professional matters concerning the libraries in the University.

The University Librarian is supported by a Deputy Librarian and six departmental heads in the effective and efficient running of the library. These heads of department are the means through which power and authority from the University Librarian flows down to the para-professionals and the Junior Library Assistants.

There are nineteen (19) professional librarians with the University Library System. Out of the number six (6) have been posted to head the College Libraries, while the rest remain in the Main Library. There are also nineteen (19) Para-professioinals, sixty-eight (68) Junior Library Assistants, four (4) administrative staff, twenty-one (21) cleaners, one (1) technician, three (3) tradesmen, two (2) drivers and eight ( 8) security personnel. Added up, the total workforce of the KNUST Library System stands at 145.

The University Library has seven functional departments; Administration, Acquisitions, Serials, Cataloguing, Lending, Reference and Research and Institutional Repository & Electronic Information Services. One the ground floor of the Main Library are the lending Department (which houses the Issue Desk and the Catalogues), the Cataloguing, Acquisitions and the Electronic Information Departments.

The first floor contains offices, the Photocopying Unit and a reading area. The busts of former Vice-Chancellors of the University, as well as those ingenious African Americans, are displayed on the same floor. The adjoining room houses the Library’s Computer Laboratory.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Collections of the Students’ reference Library and Ghana Collection are on the second floor of the Old block. The adjoining room accommodates the Reference and Research Library. There are four carrels on this floor. On the second floor of the new block are the Architecture, Fine Arts, Languages and Pure Science Collections of the Students’ Reference Library.

The third floor of the old block has four carrels and the adjoining room houses U.N Publications, Post Graduate Theses and Women’s Studies Collection. The Serials Department is in the Third Floor of the new block.

On the fourth floor of the extension are the collections on Geology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Agriculture, engineering, Technology, Military and Naval Sciences, Bibliography and Library Science.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Registration

Pre-Registration Steps

1.Clear yourself at the Accounts Office. You may also request your Registration Slip at the Accounts Office in event that you have misplaced your slip. It is also VERY IMPORTANT for you to keep the slip safely since details on it (especially the Login ID and Password) would be required for further registrations throughout your stay on campus.

2. Verify Biometric Data. At the Biometric verification stage, please provide your phone number and any information such as may be required. The designated Biometric Centres are the ICT Centre (First Floor of Main Library), Faculty of Agriculture, Business School, Faculty of Pharmacy, Carrera/SRC ICT Centre (Commercial Area), Engineering, Law Library, SMS ICT Centre, Faculty of Social Science.

3. Go Online to Register (Online Registration starts at 10:00am) at any Faculty/ Departmental Computer Laboratory or the ICT Centre (1st Floor of the Main Library) or any Internet Cafe (

Online Registration Steps

Google Chrome is most preferred Browser for the Registration.
1. Log into the system with your Login ID and Password

2. Please Review and Edit your Personal Information and make sure it is up to date. You are to verify, fill and complete all required fields as shown on this page. Click on Update Profile & Continue once you have completed this step.

3.Please Review and Edit Details for the programme you are currently pursuing and make sure it is up to date. You are to verify, fill and complete all required fields as shown on this page. Click on Update Profile & Continue once you have completed this step.

4. At the Options page, Please select Online Registration for Semester Registration. Please ensure to read the instructions at the next step.  Proceed to Course Registration.

5. At the top left, you may Click the button to Register Your Trailed courses (if any) and Compulsory Courses for the Semester will be automatically selected for you by the System. Select your Department electives if any. You may select any Open Elective (VC’s Courses) to register if you so desire.

6. Click “Save and Print Registration Slip” to complete the registration button. On clicking the button, you are prompted for the Pop-up Settings for the Browser, please allow Pop-ups to enable you print your slip.

7. On clicking the “Save and Print Registration Slip” the system automatically logs you out; complete.


Candidates are being reminded that they should please, ensure that:

  1. They have their ID, Examination cards, REGISTRATION SLIPS and REGISTRATION RECEIPTS, without which they would not be allowed in.
  2. They do not bring into the Exam room, any bags, hats, books, notes, programmable calculators etc. These are prohibited materials.
  3. They bring their own erasers, pens, pencils, rulers, scientific calculators etc instead of disturbing others by requesting for these items.
  4. They should not bring mobile phones into the Examination room under whatever circumstances.
  5. They do not communicate with other candidates while in the Examination room apart from the invigilator.
  6. No EXCUSES will be tolerated
  7. All programmable calculators and mobile phones will be confiscated and given to the Deputy Registrar Academic if brought into the Examination room.