List Of Courses Offered At KNUST IDL

List Of Courses Offered At KNUST IDL

Overview Of List Of Courses Offered At KNUST IDL

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) Undergraduate Programmes listed below are the latest advertised courses available for admission.

Undergraduate Programmes

BSc. Actuarial Science

BA. Sociology and Social Work

BSc. Agricultural Engineering

BSc. Information Technology

BBA (Human Resource /Management)

BBA (Marketing /International Business)

BBA (Hospitality and Tourism Management )

BBA (Accounting /Banking And Finance)

BSc. Geometric Engineering

BSc. Mechanical Engineering Engineering

BSc. Statistics

BSc. Electrical Engineering

BSc. Telecommunication Engineering

BSc. Computer Science

BSc. Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics

BSc. Construction Technology and Management

BSc. Building Technology

Top-Up Programmes

  • BSc. Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics (Top-Up)
  • BSc. Construction Technology & Management (Top-Up)
  • BSc. Computer Science (Top-Up)
  • BSc. Telecommunication Engineering (Top-Up)
  • BSc. Business Administration (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Statistics (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Computer Engineering (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Geomatic Engineering (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Agricultural Engineering (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Actuarial Science (Top-Up)
  • BSc. Information Technology (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Petroleum (on-line Only) (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering ( On-Line Only)(Top –Up)
  • BSc. Chemical Engineering ( On-Line Only) (Top –Up)
  • BSc. Physics (Top –Up)
  • B.A. Social Work (Top –Up)
  • B.A. Sociology

Postgraduate Programmes

Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA)

Commonwealth Executive Master of Public    Administration (CEMPA)

MBA Specialization (For CEMBA/CEMPA Graduates)

MPhil./MSc. Industrial Mathematics

MSc Environmental Science

MSc Food Quality Management

MPhil/MSc. Information Technology

MPhil Post Harvest Technology (Horticulture)

MPhil/MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MPhil/MSc. Health Informatics

Master of Public Administration

MPhil/MSc. Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management

MSc. Educational Innovation and Leadership Science

MPhil. Educational Innovation and Leadership Science

MA Sociology

MPhil/MSc. Industrial Finance and Investment

MSc. Development Management

MPhil/MSc.  Political Studies

Master of Education Degree (MEd)

20. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

MSc. Applied Statistics

MSc. Accounting

MSc. Economics

MPhil./MSc. Forensic Science

MPhil. Solid State Physics

MSc. Petroleum Geophysics

MPhil. Meteorology and Climate Science

MPhil./MSc. Mineral and Groundwater Exploration Geophysics

MPhil. Materials Science

MSc. Project Management

MSc. Actuarial Science

MSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Certificate Programmes

PGDip. Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management

PGDip. Industrial Finance and Investments

PGDip. Educational Innovations and Leadership Science

Diploma in Architectural Technology

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