Land For Sale In Dawhenya Ghana

Land For Sale In Dawhenya Ghana

Which affordableLand For Sale In Dawhenya in Ghana:

However, there are a few ways to locate inexpensive land for sale in Dawhenya:

Online real estate portals: Look up homes for sale on well-known Ghanaian real estate websites. In Ghana, popular platforms include Jumia House, Tonaton, and meQasa. To set your location as Dawhenya and the price range to fit your budget, use the search criteria.

Local real estate firms: Get in touch with firms or brokers who work in Dawhenya. They frequently have access to a variety of homes, including land that is for sale. They can help you locate solutions that are suitable for your needs and are cheap.

Check local newspapers and classifieds, both online and in print, as they occasionally offer land for sale in your area.

Here are a few reasonably priced Land For Sale In Dawhenya that are popular in Ghana:

Here are a few areas in Dawhenya that are known for offering reasonably priced land options:


Dodowa is another area close to Dawhenya that offers reasonably priced land for sale. 

It offers a variety of land sizes ideal for residential or commercial uses and has experienced continuous expansion. Dodowa provides a more relaxed and suburban environment compared to central Accra.

Green Park Estates:

Another residential community in Dawhenya that sells land for a fair price is called Green Park Estates. 

It is a gated community with carefully thought out facilities and infrastructure. 

The development is renowned for its inexpensive land costs and its proximity to important Accra neighborhoods.


Although not immediately in Dawhenya, the nearby Oyibi region is well known for its inexpensive land alternatives. 

Nearby Oyibi offers a variety of business and residential land for sale. 

It may be worth taking into consideration given it has seen considerable development in recent years.

Devtraco Courts:

A well-known residential neighborhood in Dawhenya is called Devtraco Courts. 

It provides a selection of plots for sale in various sizes and price ranges. 

This gated community is well-liked by purchasers and frequently draws individuals looking for accessible land possibilities.

List Of expensive Land For Sale In Dawhenya In Ghana and Their Prices?

Real Estate Events and Expos:

Watch out for local property expos, auctions, and real estate events. 

These occasions frequently feature a variety of properties, including expensive land. 

You can learn more and interact directly with sellers or agents by going to such events.

Online Real Estate Portals:

Check out well-known real estate portals in Ghana including meQasa, Tonaton, and Jumia Home. 

Set the price range to focus on houses with higher asking prices and enter Dawhenya as your location in the search criteria. 

This will let you investigate the available listings and their associated prices.

Local Real Estate Agencies:

Contact neighborhood real estate firms or brokers with expertise in Dawhenya or the Greater Accra Region. 

Consumers will be able to choose from a variety of homes, including pricey property for sale. 

To enquire about current listings and prices, get in touch with them directly.

Networking and Local Contacts:

Make contact with people who live in the Dawhenya region or who are familiar with it. 

They might be aware of rare or pricey land that is available for purchase. 

Finding opportunities to buy pricey land occasionally requires networking with locals or personally contacting property owners.

List Of Affordable Land For Sale In Dawhenya In Ghana and Their Prices

To find affordable land for sale in Dawhenya, I suggest using the following methods:

Networking and Local Contacts:

Speak with residents of Dawhenya or the locals. 

They might be aware of land that might be purchased within your price range. 

Often, networking and word-of-mouth referrals can lead to chances that are reasonably priced.

Local Real Estate Agencies:

Get in touch with Dawhenya-based real estate firms or brokers. 

People can choose from a variety of homes, including inexpensive property for sale. 

Local Visits:

Visit Dawhenya and take a look around if you can. 

Talk to people, find out whether there is any land for sale, and learn about costs and choices. 

Sometimes, by personally investigating the region, you could discover more affordable land alternatives.

Online Real Estate Portals:

Browse well-known real estate websites in Ghana including Jumia House, Tonaton, and meQasa. 

These online marketplaces frequently feature offerings for land at different price tiers. 

To set your location as Dawhenya and the price range to fit your budget, use the search criteria. 

You can locate more economical solutions thanks to this.

Local Newspapers and Classifieds:

Examine your neighborhood’s newspapers and classifieds, both online and off. 

Landowners or smaller developers occasionally directly advertise their assets via these sites. 

Search for Dawhenya-specific listings and get in touch with the vendors for more details.

List Of lands for constructional work for sale in Dawhenya in Ghana:

Provided we can help you with some general tips on how to find lands for sale in Dawhenya or any other location in Ghana:

Local Real Estate Agents:

Speak with local Dawhenya real estate agents who have listings for lands for sale. They can help you through the purchasing process and give you the most recent information on properties that are available.

Local Networking:

Attend networking events or social gatherings to meet locals in Dawhenya. 

They could know of any lands for sale nearby or be able to direct you to someone who does.

Local Newspapers and Classifieds:

By attending networking or social events, you can meet residents in Dawhenya. 

They could either know of any nearby lands for sale or be able to direct you to someone who does.

Online Forums and Social Media:

Join Facebook or online discussion groups that are dedicated to Ghanaian real estate or property listings. 

Members can recommend properties that are for sale in Dawhenya or share information about them.

Real Estate Websites:

Browse well-known real estate portals that feature homes for sale in Ghana. 

Websites like,, and are popular in Ghana. 

Use the search criteria to limit your choices to Dawhenya.

Where to buy lands in dawhwenya Ghana:

Dawhenya Afienya Real Estate Company

No reviews · Land surveyor


The Ackahs Land. Dawhenya

5.0(1) · Housing development


Assurance Link Consult( Land Dealers)

No reviews · Land surveying office


KrissPearl Dawhenya

No reviews · Housing development

Accra – Aflao Rd

Chenels(efya fosuaa)boutique

4.0(1) · Boutique


In-store shopping·Delivery

Review of Land For Sale In in Ghana:

Below are a brief review of lands in Ghana


Consider the land’s location and how close it is to services like markets, hospitals, schools, and transportation. 

Think on elements including neighborhood growth potential, infrastructure development, and accessibility.

Land Type and Purpose:

Consider the land’s location and how close it is to services like markets, hospitals, schools, and transportation. 

Think on elements including neighborhood growth potential, infrastructure development, and accessibility.

Physical Characteristics: Evaluate the physical characteristics of the land, including size, topography, soil quality, and drainage. These factors can influence the feasibility of construction and affect the value of the land.

Infrastructure and Utilities: Check the availability of basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water supply, and sewage systems. The cost and feasibility of connecting to utilities should be considered.

Surrounding Environment: Consider the neighborhood and surroundings. Evaluate factors such as safety, noise levels, pollution, and the potential for future developments that could impact the value and livability of the land.

Ownership and Documentation: Verify the ownership of the land and examine any pertinent land papers, including title deeds, survey plans, and land permits, to make sure the seller has the legal right to sell the land and that the documents are genuine and current.

Price and Market Analysis:

In the neighborhood, contrast the land’s asking price with that of comparable properties. To ascertain whether the price is appropriate and representative of the market value, conduct a market analysis.

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