Land For Sale In East Legon Ghana

Land For Sale In East Legon Ghana

What are the affordable Land for sale in Ghana:

Here are some areas in Ghana where you might find relatively affordable land:

The cost of land is typically cheaper outside of big cities like Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi. 

These regions might provide more reasonably priced land options for residential or commercial uses.

Here are a few reasonably priced Land For Sale In East Legon that are popular in Ghana:

These are pockect afford price lands in east legon


In comparison to the local East Legon region, Adjiringanor is close to East Legon and provides somewhat more cheap land possibilities. 

It has undergone some development and is well-liked by people looking for inexpensive land close to East Legon.

Ashaley Botwe:

A variety of affordable land alternatives are available in the expanding residential neighborhood of Ashaley Botwe, which is close to East Legon. 

It has drawn interest from people looking for moderately priced land that is also conveniently close to East Legon.


In the Greater Accra Region, close to East Legon, is a place called Dome. 

Recent years have seen considerable development, and it now provides moderately priced land alternatives appropriate for either residential or commercial uses.


Another neighborhood near East Legon with affordable land opportunities is Haatso. 

It has undergone some development and is well-liked by those searching for more affordable land close to East Legon.

List Of expensive Land For Sale In East Legon In Ghana and Their Prices?

Serviced land for sale at East Legon


Serviced land for sale at East Legon


Serviced land for sale at East Legon- Lakeside estate


List Of Affordable Land For Sale In East Legon In Ghana and Their Prices

We can provide you with some general information on lands for in east legon

Adjiringanor: Adjiringanor is located near East Legon and offers more affordable land options compared to the immediate East Legon area. It has experienced some development and is popular among individuals looking for affordable land within close proximity to East Legon.

Ashaley Botwe: Ashaley Botwe, situated nearby East Legon, is a growing residential area that provides a mix of affordable land options. It has attracted interest from individuals looking for reasonably priced land while still being within a reasonable distance from East Legon.

Haatso: Haatso is another area close to East Legon that offers affordable land options. It has seen increased development and is popular among individuals looking for more budget-friendly land in the vicinity of East Legon.


Another neighborhood near East Legon with affordable land opportunities is Haatso. 

It has seen considerable development and is well-liked by those searching for more affordable land in the East Legon area.


Adjiringanor, which is close to East Legon, has more reasonably priced land alternatives than the local East Legon region. 

It has undergone some development and is well-liked by people looking for inexpensive land close to East Legon.

Ashaley Botwe:

Ashaley Botwe, a developing residential neighborhood close to East Legon, offers a variety of reasonably priced land alternatives. 

It has drawn interest from people looking for moderately priced land that is also conveniently close to East Legon.

List Of constructional lands for sale in east legon with thier price in Ghana

These sources should provide you with the most accurate and current information about available lands and their prices in East Legon.

Some popular real estate websites in Ghana include:

meQasa (

Tonaton (

Ghana Property Centre (

Jumia House (

Ghanaweb Property (

Where to buy lands in east legon Ghana:

Mayors Properties

No reviews · Real estate developer

East – Legon Hills, Accra – Ghana. Behind · 055 833 8244

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

On-site services·Online appointment

Melton Global Property Ghana

No reviews · Real estate agent

Lagos Ave · 024 332 1202

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

House of Kings, Lagos Avenue Branch, East Legon.

4.8(4) · Clothing store

5 Lagos Ave · 030 250 0070

Open ⋅ Closes 9 pm

In-store shopping·Delivery


4.4(7) · Real estate agency

Abotsi St

Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 pm · 050 715 0272

“They got one of the best properties if not the best, great customer …”

Review of lands in east legon in Ghana:

In terms of land reviews, it is essential to consider a few factors:


If at all feasible, speak with East Legon-area residents, property owners, or real estate experts who are knowledgeable and experienced. 

They can offer perceptions into the neighborhood, the housing market, and prospective difficulties.


Analyze the availability and condition of infrastructure, including water supply, sewage, electricity, and roadways. 

These elements are essential for the growth and livability of the region.

Land tenure and documentation:

Be that the land is clear of any conflicts or encumbrances, and that it has the right legal documents. 

Working with trustworthy real estate agents or attorneys will help you confirm the legitimacy of the property.

Zoning and future development plans:

Look at the area’s zoning restrictions and proposed future development. 

This might help you get a sense of how the region might develop and how it would affect the long-term value of the land.

Market trends and pricing:

To determine the worth of the land you are contemplating, research East Legon’s current market conditions and real estate prices. 

Comparing costs with nearby houses that are similar is useful.


The location of East Legon is ideal for both residential and business uses. 

The value of the land may increase if it is adjacent to important transportation networks and facilities.

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