Land For Sale In Elmina Ghana

Land For Sale In Elmina Ghana

What are the affordable Land For Sale In Elmina in Ghana? 

here are a few tips to find affordable land for sale in Elmina:

Investigate online real estate platforms, classified listings, and property listing websites that serve the Ghanaian market when doing local real estate research. 

These sites frequently include filters and search options to help you focus on your preferences, such as location and price range.

Here are a few reasonably priced Land For Sale In Elmina that are popular in Ghana:

Here are a few areas to consider:


Elmina’s Bantama neighborhood has had some recent construction. 

In comparison to more established districts, it may provide a more inexpensive range of residential and commercial land alternatives.


Ajumako, which is close to Elmina, is well-known for its agricultural pursuits. 

Particularly for people interested in farming or agricultural pursuits, it might offer affordable land alternatives.


The developing neighborhood of Nkontrodo, which is close to Elmina, has some land available for sale. 

For potential land prospects, this location is worth investigating.


Pomadze, a town adjacent to Elmina, is renowned for its tranquil ambiance. 

It has grown in favor among people looking for inexpensive land options that are yet close to Elmina’s services.

List Of expensive Land For Sale In Elmina In Ghana and Their Prices?

Land for sale at Elmina Beach Front


Serviced land for sale at Elmina


FOR SALE 14 Plots Oceanfront Land situated in ELMINA, CENTRAL REGION. Property is located adjacent ELMINA …

  • 650 m2

Land for sale at CAPE COAST, ELMINA.


One Acre of land on Cape coast Elmina Takoradi High way and a few meters from NDUOM UNIVERSITY. It a big stret.

  • 650 m2

List Of List Of Affordable Land For Sale In Elmina In Ghana

Serviced land for sale at Elmina


List Of contructional Land For Sale In Elmina In Gh and Their Prices

Land for sale at Airport South

[Price disclosed on request] 

Land for sale at Airport South
[Price disclosed on request]

Where to buy Land For Sale In Elmina in Ghana:

25 Acres of Undeveloped Land at Dutch Komenda for $4million

20 Acres Oceanfront Land Situated in KOMENDA for Sale

Oceanfront Land for Sale at Epoano, Central Region

3000 Acres Farmland for Sale at Komenda

300 Acres of Farmlands for Sale at Gomoa Adaa

Review of Land For Sale In Elmina in Ghana

Below are the point to consider when choosing land at elimina


Analyze the land’s asking price and contrast it with those of nearby properties of a similar nature. 

Take into account elements like market trends, potential for appreciation, and any supplementary expenses like taxes or fees.

Size and Terrain:

Check to see if the land’s size suits your needs and if the topography is appropriate for the usage you have in mind. 

Think of things like elevation, slope, and any nearby natural features.


Determine whether essential infrastructure like roads, water supplies, electricity, and internet connectivity is readily available and accessible. 

The value and usability of the land can be considerably impacted by the presence of these facilities.

Legal Considerations:

Check who owns the land and make sure all the paperwork and permissions are in order. 

To ensure a smooth transaction and lawful acquisition, it is advised to get legal advice.


Examine how close the property is to services like markets, hospitals, schools, and transportation. 

Take into account the neighborhood’s appeal and potential for future growth.

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