Land For Sale In Prampram Ghana

Land For Sale In Prampram Ghana

What are the affordable Land For Sale In Prampram Ghana

Some popular real estate websites in Ghana where you may find land listings include:

  1. meQasa (
  2. Tonaton (
  3. Lamudi (

To identify land listings that meet your specifications, utilize the search filters on these websites to set your spending limit and other choices. 

However, there may be more options and chances to bargain the price if you go to Prampram in person and speak with nearby landowners or real estate firms.

Here are a few reasonably priced Land For Sale In Prampram that are popular in Ghana:

Here are a few areas and developments in Prampram that have been known for offering land for sale at relatively affordable prices:

Devtraco Courts:

A well-known developer in Ghana, Devtraco, may offer land for sale in Prampram as part of their house developments at various price points.

Prampram Township: n contrast to some other sought-after coastal sites, the interior Prampram region may provide more cheap land alternatives.

Prampram Beach Road: Customers looking for seaside properties will find this region appealing because it is close to the beach and has a range of land sizes.

Prampram-Ningo Road: There could be several developments with affordable land for sale along the route that connects Prampram and Ningo..

New Prampram Area: New residential and commercial districts are growing as Prampram grows, providing chances for more inexpensive land.

Ghanaman Soccer Centre:

This is a well-known landmark in Prampram, and there may be some affordable land nearby for sale.

List Of expensive Land For Sale In Prampram In Ghana and Their Prices:

Serviced land for sale at Prampram – Miotso


Serviced land for sale at Ningo Prampram- Too Good To Ignore


Serviced land for sale at Ningo Prampram- Too Good To Ignore


List Of Affordable Land For Sale In Prampram In Ghana and Their Prices

I suggest exploring real estate websites, property listing platforms, or getting in touch with nearby real estate brokers to find affordable land for sale in Prampram and their current costs. 

You can find property listings on some well-known real estate websites in Ghana, including:

  1. meQasa (
  2. Tonaton (
  3. Lamudi (

You can use these platforms to look up land listings in Prampram and configure filters to find homes that fit your needs and your price range. 

It’s important to check for the most recent information because real estate prices might fluctuate regularly.

List Of constructional Land For Sale In Prampram  Ghana;

To find constructional land for sale in Prampram, Ghana, I recommend using real estate websites, property listing platforms, or contacting local real estate agents. Some popular real estate websites in Ghana where you may find property listings include:

  1. Tonaton (
  2. meQasa (
  3. Lamudi (

Where to buy lands For Sale In Prampram:

Vabb Homes

5.0(2) · Real estate developer


Prams City Real Estate

3.8(4) · Real estate agency


Solé Lagoon View Estate

4.4(53) · Real estate developer


“Very nice residential estate with a recreational area”

Ruimax Co. Ltd

No reviews · Construction company

Water works junction

On-site services·Online estimates

Amanark Real Estate

3.4(13) · Real estate agency


“Very moderate land acquisition procedures..

Review of lands For Sale In Prampramin Ghana:

When considering lands for sale in Prampram or any other location, here are some important factors to consider:

Infrastructure: As these are essential for any development, check the availability of basic infrastructure including road access, electricity, water supply, and other utilities.

Location: The location of the land is important because it might influence accessibility, closeness to facilities that are necessary, and possible growth and development in the future.

Land Size and Shape: Whether the land will be used for residential, commercial, or agricultural reasons depends on its size and shape.

Legal Documentation: Check the land’s ownership and documents to make sure it is free from liens and disputes and has a valid title.

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