Courses Offered At RUST And Their Requirement

Courses Offered At RUST And Their Requirement

Courses Offered At RUST And Their Requirement For 2023/2024

There are several Courses offered at Regent University College of Science and Technology. These courses are listed below

Regent University has three main schools comprising several departments that offer courses in several undergraduate academic disciplines. Use the list below to explore the various areas of study under each school, as well as for postgraduate courses and programmes.

1. School of Informatics, Engineering and Technology

A. Department of Informatics

BSc. Computer Science
BSc. Information System Sciences
BSc. Instructional Technology

B. Department of Engineering

B.Eng Applied Electronics and Systems Engineering with options in:-
Telecommunication Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Computer Engineering
M.Eng (to be revitalized)

C. Department of Mathematics and Statistics

MSc. Statistics
Ag. Coordinator:

BSc. Statistics (to be added)

2. School of Business and Leadership

A. Department of Accounting and Finance

BSc. Accounting And Information Systems
BSc. Banking and Finance
BSc. Economics with Computing
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) e-Commerce option

*Those in this program may opt to do french language beyond level 100 or those from Francophone countries, etc. may also choose to do English language as part of the program. Others may choose not to go beyond the Level 100 French language studies. In this case, those who are averse to languages will only do the required level100 French course.

B. Department of Management Studies

BSc. Management with Computing


C. Regent Business Development Centre

Short-term Courses
Consultancy Services
Others to be added

3. Faculty of Arts and Sciences

A. Department of Theology and Ministry

Certificate in Church Ministry and Leadership (new)
Bachelor of Theology with Management
Master of Divinity
Master of Theology

B. Department of Psychology and Human Development

a. BSc. Human Development and Psychology
b. Msc. Human Development and Psychology

D. Centre for Studies in African Development

The Regent Institute of Languages and General Studies

A. Centre for Language Studies

Chinese (to be added)

B. Regent Learning Centre

C. Centre for Pre-University Education

Regent University College of Science and Technology Entry Requirement

Five main categories of candidates are considered for admission into the Bachelor’s Degree Programmes.

General Certificate of Education: Credits in at least 5 subjects (including English Language, Mathematics and Science) in the GCE Ordinary Level and 3 passes at the GCE Advanced Level. Two of the advanced level passes must be grade ‘D’ or better. A pass in General Paper must also be obtained.

Senior High School Certificate:

 Passes (at least D) in three core subjects including English, Mathematics, and Science, and three elective subjects, with an aggregate score of 24 or better in the SSSCE

Credit passes (at least C6) in three Core Subjects (including English Language, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies) and three elective subjects with an aggregate score of 36 or better in the WASSCE.

GENERAL BUSINESS CERTIFICATE (GBCE) holders who possess passes in three compulsory subjects including English Language and passes in any three Elective subjects including BusinessMathematics.

International Baccalaureate/Diploma with at least and average mark of 10/20 or its equivalent and six months English Language proficiency for applicants with English Language as a second language.

Mature Students’ Entry Requirement (MSER):

Applicants must be at least 25 years of age at the time of application

Applicant must also pass the Mature Students Entrance Examination which comprises: General Paper (including a section on Quantitative & Analytical Tools), or a paper on the candidate’s preferred area of study, IT Appreciation, Mathematics and English Language. Applicants must obtain at least 50% in all four subjects before they will be considered for admission.

Professional Qualification Candidates: Applicants with 5 GCE Ordinary Level credit passes including English and Mathematics and any of the following qualifications may be considered for admission:

Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) with at least 1 Distinction and 3 credits from accredited Polytechnics.

Foundation and Intermediate levels of professional Certificates of relevant bodies

RSA Stage II (5 passes) and Stage III (3 Passes).

Post-Diploma Degree Candidates: Those with the following qualifications may be admitted to either level 200 or 300 depending on their abilities and preferences.

HND from a accredited Polytechnics

Diploma from a accredited Institutions

Professional certificate (e.g. ICA Ghana) level 2, Chartered Institute of Bankers, with at least three years post-qualification work experience etc.

Foreign students: Applicants in this category may be considered for admission if they hold qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above. However, they must show evidence of proficiency in English.

Others: Applicants with International City and Guilds and Vocational Qualifications, Private Secretaryship and Senior Stenographer Secretary are also acceptable. They may be placed in level 100 or 200 or 300 depending on the level of qualifications attained.

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