List Of Driving Schools In Ghana

List Of Driving Schools In Ghana

What is meant by driving schools? A driving school is an organization or company that provides formal instruction and training to people who are learning to drive or looking to advance their driving abilities. In order to help people become proficient and safe drivers, these institutions offer both academic knowledge and practical, hands-on instruction.

Driving schools primarily aim to educate new drivers on the laws of the road, safe driving techniques, and traffic rules while also assisting them in acquiring the skills required to drive safely and responsibly. Typically, driving schools provide a variety of services.

General Courses Offered In Driving Schools In Ghana

Driving schools in Ghana provide a variety of courses to assist people in developing the knowledge and abilities necessary to drive safely and responsibly. Driving schools in Ghana may offer a variety of different courses, but the following are some common ones you might find:

  • Learner’s Permit Course: For those who are brand-new to driving, this course is created. It goes over the fundamentals of driving tactics, traffic signals, and road regulations. It helps students get ready for the written test needed to get a learner’s permit.
  • Basic Driving Course: Beginners who have received a learner’s permit should enroll in this course. It involves both in-class education and hands-on driving practice. Vehicle controls, fundamental maneuvers, road etiquette, and safety regulations are all taught to students.
  • Defensive Driving Course: The main goal of this advanced training is to teach drivers how to recognize and respond to potential road hazards. It places a focus on defensive driving strategies, risk awareness, and accident prevention methods.
  • Advanced Driving Course: This course, designed for people with some prior driving experience, seeks to improve driving abilities and knowledge. It addresses issues including navigating challenging road conditions, complex maneuvers, and heightened situational awareness.
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Course: Those who want to operate buses, trucks, or taxis commercially should take this course. It includes specific instruction in operating bigger vehicles, moving freight, and maintaining passenger safety.
  • Motorcycle Riding Course: There are some driving schools that offer motorcycle-specific instruction. Controls, balance, road safety, and defensive riding methods are all topics covered in these classes.
  • Refresher Course: This course, designed for licensed drivers who wish to brush up on their skills or learn about new traffic laws, can be helpful for seasoned drivers who have been away from the road for a time.
  • Pre-License Test Preparation: This course focuses on assisting students in getting ready for the practical driving exam needed to get a license. It includes practice tests, mock exams, and success advice.
  • Road Safety Workshops: Aiming to increase knowledge of safe driving techniques, responsible behavior and lower traffic accidents, certain driving schools may present workshops or seminars on road safety.

Admission Requirement For Driving Schools In Ghana

Depending on the particular driving school and the sort of course you’re interested in, the admission requirements for driving schools in Ghana may differ slightly. Nonetheless, the following general entrance standards are present in most driving schools in Ghana.

  • Age Requirement: Typically, to enroll in a driving school for a conventional driving course, you must be at least 18 years old. For some types of courses, some driving schools may have a specified age restriction.
  • Valid Identification: To establish your identity and age, you will require a legitimate identification document, such as a passport or national ID card.
  • Educational Qualifications: There are typically no formal educational prerequisites for basic driving lessons. However, certain advanced courses could require a specific level of knowledge.
  • Medical Examination: A medical test is frequently required by driving schools to make sure you are physically fit to drive. This might entail a routine physical examination and an eye exam to evaluate your vision.
  • Learner’s Permit: You must first receive a learner’s permit from Ghana’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) before beginning practical driving training. A learner’s permit application must be submitted, identification must be shown, and a written test must be successfully completed.
  • Fees: For their courses, driving schools often charge a fee. Depending on the course style and the driving school’s reputation, the costs may change. Before enrolling, make sure to ask about the fees and any other expenditures.
  • Application Process:To learn more about their particular admissions procedure, get in touch with the driving school you’re interested in. They will notify you of the necessary paperwork, application papers, and any other procedures you must follow.
  • Language Proficiency: A fundamental command of the instruction language, which is typically English, is required because driving training comprises both classroom instruction and communication with instructors.

List of Driving Schools In Ghana

• High Grade Driving Centre
• O.B.Y Driving Consult
• Rio School of Motoring
• High Tech Driving School
• Advance Technique D. School
• Champion Driving School
• Amen Driving School
• MacAshilley Driving School
• Sir Ishamel Driving School
• Rabbonny Driving Institute
• Global Express Driving School
• Nadel Driving Academy
• Steveruth Driving School
• Talent Driving School
• Steer Control Driving School
• Heavens Motor Driving Academy
• Britannia Driving School
• Unique Driving School
• Imperial Driving School
• Blessed Driving School
• Eassy Way Driving School
• Tema Technical Driving School
• Best Learners Driving School
• Johans Driving School
• Frank Motoring and Consultancy Ltd.
• Ultimate Driving School
• Royal Driving School
• Kasanteof Driving School
• Top Tech Drive Consult
• Wed Driving School
• Pedagogy Driving School
• Richway Driving School
• Brian Driving College
• Safe Tech Driving School
• Goodwill Driving School
• Maxnet Legend Driving School
• G.S.M Driving School
• Safe Driving School
• Don Bosco Defensive Driving Institute
• Affordable Driving Consult
• Konatech Driving Institute
• Capital Driving School
• Best Learner Driving School
• J’Mccoy Driving Institute
• Judah Driving Institute
• Divine Driving Academy
• Peftech Driving School
• Pathway Driving Academy
• Fremon Driving Academy
• Jerry J. Driving Academy
• Avensis Chauffeur Solutions
• Top Wheels Driving Institute
• St. Pauls Driving School
• Iketech Driving Institute
• Isaac Adolf Driving School
• Criss Cross Driving School
• Hovis Driving School
• Atent Campus Drive
• Mirage Driving School
• Maxnet Lengend Driving School
• Rightway Driving School
• Speedline Driving School
• Experience Driving School
• Bagna Driving School
• Narhstar Driving School
• Victory Shines Drive Consult
• Neecy Driving School
• K2D Driving Institute
• Nardcyn Driving Institute
• Kofi Ashley Tech. Driving School
• Dafiko Driving Consult
• Saint Ashley Tech. Driving School
• All-Eds Driving School
• Goodwill Driving School
• D C Driving School
• E & J. Driving School
• MK Godsway Driving School
• HSE Drive Limited
• C. Y. K. Driving School
• Dophil Driving School
• Win Win 2012 Driving School
• Holly Wealth Driving School
• Modern Supertech Driving School
• Paradise Driving Academy
• Best Brain Driving School
• 10 Over 10 Driving Institute
• Adom Driving Institute
• Agripko Driving School
• Amadok Driving School
• Ariel Driving School
• Asempa Driving Academy
• Best Way Driving School
• Cion Driving Academy
• Cloud 9 Driving Academy
• Confidrive Excellent Driving Institute
• Convenence Driving School
• Dekay Driving School
• De-Kings Driving Academy
• Excellent Driving School
• DayStar Driving School
• G-Pray Driving & Training School
• Grace Motor Driving Academy
• Gracious Pearl Driving School
• Hammer Driving School
• Ilearn Driving School
• Jabon Driving Institute
• JITS Driving School
• KAB Driving School And Consult
• Ked Driving School
• LAK Miracle Driving Institute
• Learndirect Driving School
• Loisdon Driving Institute
• Mega Driving Institute
• Narhbi-Tech Driving School
• Okesie Driving School
• Papic Virtual Driving Academy
• Pavic Driving School
• Professional Touch Driving School
• Quench Driving School
• Quahson Driving School
• Rek Driving School
• Rhema Driving School
• Roadwise School Of Driving
• Safe Drive Innovations
• School Of Defensive Driving & Road Safety
• Tpg Driving Institue
• Trust Driving Solution
• Wordsworth Ghana Driving School
• Yankees Driving School
• Zprime-Drive Professional Driving Institute
• A. K. Driving School
• ABJ Plus Driving School
• AIVI Express Driving School
• Ask God Driving School
• Authentic Driving Academy
• Ben Alfa Driving School
• Bethel Training & Consultancy
• Big Dreams Driving School
• Billberry Driving School
• City Of Class Driving School
• Click Driving School
• DriveSafe Motoring Ltd
• Dyvers Driving School
• E-wheels Driving Centre
• GEM Driving School
• JK Driving School
• Konatech Driving Institute (Annex)
• Lloyd’s Driving Institute
• Lomez Driving School
• Musdarls Driving Academy
• Oddlees Driving Academy
• Precise Driving School
• Richie-Rich Driving Academy
• S-Citi Driving School
• Star Dust Driving Academy
• Steven’s Driving School
• Tomhel Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Schools In Ghana

How many questions are on the DVLA theory test in Ghana?

There are 10 DVLA-compliant multiple-choice questions on a test. To succeed, you must select the right answers to 9 questions. Do you enjoy taking practice tests or exams?

What theory questions do they ask in the driving test?

Sample Theory Questions for the Driving Test

  • When should you use the car’s horn?
  • What do you check before starting the engine?
  • How should you position yourself for turning right on a one-way street?
  • What does a broken white line crossing the left hand lane mean?
  • Who cannot use a motorway?

How are driving school exams done in Ghana?

Driving exam questions and answers from the DVLA include practical questions that assess a student’s ability to apply the knowledge they have learned to actual situations. A DVLA inspector will be in charge of the practical portion of this exam, which is not written.

How long does driving school take in Ghana?

Choose Your Package

Regular with standard license6 weeksGHC 2,150
Regular with premium license6 weeksGHC 2,400
Express without license3 weeksGHC 2,000
Express with standard license3 weeksGHC 2,450

What is the highway code in Ghana?

The official state-recognized and most often used book in Ghana for drivers is the Ghana Highway Code. It was published and enacted in 1974, the year Ghana switched from a left- to a right-hand drive system.

How many driving lessons before passing test?

In addition to 45 hours of driving lessons, the average pupil requires 20 hours of practice to pass the driving test. As soon as you begin learning, consult your instructor to determine when you are prepared to begin practicing in between lessons.

How much do you pay for driving school in Ghana?

DRIVING SCHOOL FEES: Six hundred and seventeen Ghana Cedis is the cost for the 48-hour driving school course, which is required (GHc 620. 00).

How much is driving lesson in Ghana?

The minimum age to enroll in a driving school is 18. Ghanaians are eligible to apply for the driving lessons, which last no longer than three months for a learner’s permit. Depending on the school you choose, the fees range from 600 to 800 GHC.

How much is license in Ghana?

Cost Of Drivers License In Ghana

A foreign driver’s license conversion will cost GHC 445. A learner’s permit costs GHC 160, the road sign test costs GHC 50, and the driving test costs GHC 50 as well.

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