Top 10+ Mining Companies In Ghana

Top 10+ Mining Companies In Ghana

Top 10+ Mining Companies In Ghana ; Are you looking for the best Mining Companies In Ghana , then you are at the right place ;

The Gold Coast – the former colloquial name for the Republic of Ghana and the reason that mining companies have been attracted to Ghana since gold was first mined in the region by outsiders around 600 BC. These outsiders were the Phoenicians who landed on the Guinea Coast of West Africa1. However, the same reference adds that Gold mining was carried out by the natives for thousands of years before the Phoenicians sailed there.

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Golden Star Resources Mining Company

Kenoli Gold Mining Company Limited

Strata Africa Mining And Exploration

African Mining Services

PW Mining

Chirano Gold Mine


KHL Gold Dust & Bars Mining Company

Senaic Ghana Ltd

Liebherr Mining Ghana Ltd.

GoldLine Mining Ghana Limited

Sandvik Minning Company

Mantech Mining Services


Pierro Engineering & Mining Services Co. Ltd

Ekpeme Mining & Trading Company Limited

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