Revised List Of Accredited Private Universities In Ghana

Revised List Of Accredited Private Universities In Ghana

Are you considering pursuing higher education in Ghana? The nation is home to various private colleges that provide a variety of academic programmes and a supportive study environment. The country’s educational landscape is continually expanding. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of private universities in Ghana, each contributing to the nation’s educational advancement.

Ghana’s economy and cultural heritage highlight the importance of higher education in societal advancement, with private colleges enhancing public institutions’ efforts.

Advantages of Private Universities

Private institutions in Ghana have a number of benefits, including as smaller class sizes, teachers who give more individualised attention, and programmes that are tailored to certain professional aspirations. These schools frequently encourage students to explore outside the scope of the typical curriculum by creating a more vibrant and creative learning atmosphere.

List Accredited Private Universities In Ghana

Regional Maritime University

Mountcrest University College

Dominion University College

Marshalls University College

Jayee University College

Radford University College

Spiritan University College

West End University College

University college Of Management studies


knustford University College

Ghana Technology University College

Data Link University College

EP University College

Ghana Baptist University

Accra Institute Of Technology

Wisconsin International University College

African University College Of Communications

Pentecost University College Ghana

Presbyterian University College Ghana

Methodist University College Ghana

Islamic University College Ghana

Christian Service University College

Catholic University College Ghana

Ashesi University college

Kings University College

Regent University

PwC Ghana 

Nobel International 

Concord Business College

Garden City University College 

Perez University College

Ghana Christian University College

KAAF University College

Central University College

Lancaster University Ghana

All Nations University University college

Valley View University
Zenith University College

NIIT/Bluecrest College

National Film and Television Institute Nafti

Alpha College Of Technology

Kintampo College Of Health

NIIT Admission Form 

Family Health Medical School

Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives Residency

Ghana Institution of Engineering


Riohs Originate

Challenges of Private Education

While private universities offer unique benefits, they also face challenges such as higher tuition fees and financial constraints. Striking a balance between quality education and affordability is crucial for the sustainable growth of private education in Ghana.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Accreditation ensures that universities meet predetermined standards of quality education. The National Accreditation Board (NAB) in Ghana plays a pivotal role in evaluating and accrediting private universities to maintain the integrity and credibility of the education system.

FAQs About Private Universities In Ghana

  1. Are private universities in Ghana recognized internationally? Private universities in Ghana receive accreditation from the National Accreditation Board, enhancing their international recognition.
  2. Do private universities offer scholarships? Yes, many private universities in Ghana offer scholarships and financial aid to eligible students.
  3. What is the average class size at private universities? Private universities tend to have smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalized interactions between students and professors.
  4. Can I transfer from a public university to a private university? Transferring between universities is possible, but it’s essential to check with the institutions for their specific transfer policies.
  5. How do private universities contribute to the job market in Ghana? Private universities produce graduates with specialized skills, contributing to a skilled workforce in various sectors of the economy.

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