Luxury Homes For Sale In Ghana

Luxury Homes For Sale In Ghana

What are the affordable Luxury Homes For Sale In Ghana

Engage a local real estate agent:

Finding cheap options that meet your requirements can be made easier by working with a respected local real estate agent that specializes in luxury properties. 

They can help you through the procedure because they are up to date on the market.

Online real estate portals:

Look out well-known Ghanaian real estate websites where you can find listings of opulent houses for sale. 

These websites frequently have filters that let you choose your ideal location and price range.

Attend property expos and events:

Watch out for real estate expos and events in Ghana, especially in significant urban areas like Accra. 

These gatherings can offer a fantastic chance to network and discover cheap possibilities because they frequently feature a variety of properties, including luxury homes.

Here are a few reasonably priced Luxury Homes that are popular in Ghana:

Trasacco Valley:

Another affluent area in Accra with luxury homes at varying price points is Trasacco Valley. 

There are both expensive mansions and more moderately priced luxury properties there.


Dzorwulu, an Accra suburb, has undergone major recent growth. 

In contrast to some of the more well-established elite districts, it provides luxury residences at more reasonable pricing.

East Legon:

East Legon is a neighborhood in Ghana’s capital city of Accra. 

It is renowned for its posh areas and expensive homes. 

While some places in East Legon can be fairly pricey, there are also affordably priced luxury residences available, particularly in developing areas.


Accra’s posh Cantonments neighborhood is well recognized for its opulent homes and tranquil setting. 

Although some residences in cantonments can be highly expensive, there are other luxury homes that are fairly priced to be found in some areas.

Airport Residential Area:

High-net-worth individuals and expatriates love this neighborhood since it is close to the Kotoka International Airport. 

It offers a variety of expensive townhomes, villas, and luxury apartments.

Tema Community 25:

East of Accra, in Ghana, is another city called Tema. 

A variety of homes, including affordably priced luxury residences, are available in Community 25.

List Of expensive Luxury Homes  For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

I suggest contacting reliable local real estate companies, property listing websites, or getting in touch with developers and sellers directly for the most recent details on pricey luxury properties for sale in Ghana. 

You can get information from real estate professionals about the prices of upscale properties that are offered in particular localities.

In Accra, neighborhoods with a reputation for housing luxury residences include East Legon, Cantonments, Airport Residential Area, Trasacco Valley, and Labone. However, prices can vary greatly based on the property’s special characteristics and location.

List Of Affordable Luxury Homes For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices


East of Accra is the town of Dodowa. 

It is renowned for its serene settings and can provide more reasonably priced options for luxury property.


A rapidly expanding region close to Accra is Kasoa. 

Due to recent major development, you might be able to discover some luxury properties for less money than in other desirable areas of the city.

Spintex Road: Spintex Road, a prominent residential neighborhood with a variety of homes, including luxury residences at various price points, is also close to Accra.


Another city offering many housing alternatives close to Accra is Tema. 

In some parts of Tema, you could find some luxurious properties that are fairly priced.


The real estate market in Kumasi, Ghana’s second-largest city, is diverse, and there are areas where you may locate luxurious properties for quite reasonable costs.

List Of unpurchase Luxury Homes For Sale In Gh and Their Prices

Consult with a local real estate agent: Reach out to a reputable real estate agent or agency in Ghana. They can help you find unpurchased luxury homes that match your preferences and budget.

Check online property portals: Browse well-known online property portals in Ghana, such as,, or These platforms often list a variety of properties, including luxury homes, and can give you an idea of the current market prices.

Attend property expos and events: Look out for property expos and real estate events in major cities like Accra, where developers and sellers showcase their luxury homes for sale.

Visit luxury neighborhoods: Explore upscale neighborhoods and areas known for luxury properties in Ghana. Drive or walk around to spot “For Sale” signs and inquire about unpurchased luxury homes directly from the owners or their agents.

Where to buy Luxury Homes For Sale In Gh

Online Property Portals:

Investigate trustworthy online real estate directories like,, and 

These websites frequently contain listings for luxury houses for sale that include property information and images

Luxury Home Developers:

Luxury home construction and sales are a niche market for some Ghanaian developers. 

To learn more about current or forthcoming luxury housing projects, check out their websites or stop by their sales offices.

Reputable Real Estate Agencies:

Make contact with reputable real estate firms or brokers in Ghana who focus on luxury properties. 

Based on your tastes and financial constraints, they can offer you a carefully curated list of luxury houses that are currently for sale.

Review of Luxury Homes for sale in Ghana

On-Site Visits: Visit opulent mansions in person if at all possible to evaluate their condition, design, and suitability for your requirements.

Engage a Local Real Estate Agent:

Look for a trustworthy neighborhood real estate agent who focuses on luxury properties. 

They can arrange property visits, walk you through your alternatives, and provide you market insights.

Conduct Online Research:

Investigate trustworthy Ghanaian real estate websites that list luxury homes. 

See pictures, read descriptions of the properties, and compare their characteristics and costs.

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