NIA National Database Management

NIA National Database Management

Managing national database has been our duty since our establishment. The national database contains a vast amount of sensitive and secure citizen and non-citizen data and our team at NIA ensures that our data operations uses the most secure protocols available. Our databases are backed up on daily basis to ensure citizen information are secure. While maintaining your database we provide:Daily data back-upsMonthly database updates including: Address Accuracy (AA) and National Change of Address (NCOA)Optional refresh of existing database.

While database maintenance is the first step to ensuring national data is up-to-date we offer many other services to help not only maintain existing database, but also expanding it by obtaining beneficial insights to help the nation acquire new prospects. Each steps of the processes can be ran on its own as a separate module, however, integrating the entire modules together with national identity campaign gives the nation an overall benefits of the National Identification Authority’s database management solutions.

Data Profiling

Helps to paint a picture of what current data look like.

Data Analysis

Leveraging the key learning from profiling and database, analyze the data to help establish the next steps

National Analysis

Helps understand what the current or potential economy looks like

National Development Deployment

Using completed data analysis target the right type of developmental projects to embark on, to maximize the return on investment.

Post Data Analysis

Response analysis using the responder data.

Businesses Profiling

Analyze citizen data using the national information and NIA database (match and append).


Combine multiple files and eliminate duplicate names.