NSS Individual Application For Pin Code – Int. Graduates

NSS Individual Application For Pin Code – Int. Graduates

Welcome to the Individual Enrolment page.

On this page, graduates of Ghanaian universities and Ghanaian nationals graduated from International schools can apply as an individual to be mobilized for National Service.

Please consider the following guidelines to submit your individual application:

  • Only Ghanaian nationals can apply for national service.
  • Graduates from Ghanaian universities MUST have graduated at least 1 year prior to the service year they seek to join.
  • All current year graduates can only enroll for national service through their institution of study.
  • International graduates must have fully completed their studies, with results published to enroll for NSS.

Please review Guidance on completing your Individual Enrolment Application,for more information.

Please fill the form to start your online enrolment request process Here