Petra Trust Portal Login

Petra Trust Portal Login

The Authority of the Petra Trust Company Limited has enabled the Petra Trust Portal Login. Follow these simple steps to Access and use the portal .

Overview Of Petra Trust

Petra Trust is a defined contribution pensions company set up and licensed as a corporate trustee to provide trustee services to both employers and individuals under the Pension Law 2008, Act 766. Petra Trust was established for the sole purpose of helping companies and their employees successfully set up and manage their pension and provident funds.

The company acts as a Trustee or Administrator and in the case of our umbrella services, as both the Trustee and Administrator of the schemes.  Our core clients are institutions that are required under the Pensions Act to select a Trustee to manage their employee pensions.

Petra Trust Membership Registration

Here is how to register on the petra portal

  1. Visit the Petra Website
  2. Navigate to the right corner
  3. Locate Member Sign In
  4. Sign In to Members’ Portal
  5. First time here? Tap Create an Account
  6. To register, Enter your Petral ID to get started
  7. Select where to receive your confirmation code
  8. Tap Register
  9. Check your Inbox and proceed with the registration

How to Login Petra Trust Portal

  1. Browse the URL:
  2. Enter your Username (Email Address or Mobile Number)
  3. Enter Password
  4. Tap Login

Location Information

Airport Residential Area

P.O Box CT 3194

Greater Accra


113, Airport West, Dzorwulum – Accra

Contact Information

Tel: 02422435037

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