List Of Photography Schools In Ghana

List Of Photography Schools In Ghana

What are the Photography Schools In Ghana ? Schools that provide formal teaching and training in the art and craft of photography are known as photography schools. These institutions offer a structured learning environment where students can advance their expertise in a range of photographic subjects, such as:

General Courses Offered In Photography Schools In Ghana

The majority of Ghanaian photography schools provide a wide choice of courses on various subjects, from the foundations to more advanced skills. From one school to the next, the precise curriculum and courses may be different.K however, the following are some typical ones you might discover in Ghanaian photography schools:

  • Introduction to Photography: This course gives new photographers a general introduction to photography, covering camera use, composition, and fundamental technical abilities.
  • Digital Photography: This course covers subjects including exposure settings, white balance, and file formats and focuses on using digital cameras.
  • Studio Photography:Students gain knowledge of working with models, portrait photography, and studio lighting setups.
  • Photo Editing and Post-Production: This course teaches students how to edit and improve images using programs like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Composition and Visual Storytelling: In this lesson, we’ll look at compositional rules and how to use pictures to tell a story.
  • Event Photography: Students get the knowledge and abilities necessary to record occasions like weddings, parties, and business gatherings.
  • Fashion Photography: The methods of fashion photography that are covered in this course include using models, styling, and compiling fashion portfolios.
  • Landscape and Nature Photography: Pupils learn how to take pictures of the natural world, including wildlife, landscapes, and environmental preservation.
  • Documentary and Photojournalism: This course covers subjects including ethics, storytelling, and documenting actual occurrences, with a concentration on documentary and journalistic photography.
  • History of Photography: Students study influential photographers’ work and historical movements as they research the development of photography.
  • Business of Photography: The business sides of photography, such as marketing, pricing, contracts, and copyright, are covered in depth in this course.
  • Specialized Workshops: Workshops on specific subjects like lighting, macro photography, architectural photography, and more may be offered by photography schools.
  • Portfolio Development: A professional portfolio is often taught as part of photography programs to help students show off their best work.
  • Practical Assignments and Projects: Students are frequently given real-world tasks to use their abilities and creativity throughout their courses.

Admission Requirements For Photography Schools In Ghana

We can give you a broad idea of what you could anticipate while applying to a photography program in Ghana. The admission standards for photography schools in Ghana can differ from one institution to another. Always check with the exact school you’re interested in for the most recent information, keeping in mind that precise criteria may change over time. Following are some typical entrance requirements:

  • Educational Background: You typically need to have finished your senior year of high school or its equivalent. A high school diploma or its equivalent, such as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, is typically required as a prerequisite for photography programs.
  • Portfolio: You must submit a portfolio of your photographic work as part of your application to several photography schools in Ghana and around the world. Your portfolio should highlight your finest work and exhibit your abilities and originality. Follow the instructions provided by the school, as the specific requirements for the portfolio (such as the quantity of photographs, format, and content) may differ between institutions.
  • Application Form: The photography school will provide an application form for you to fill out. Personal data, academic background, and other pertinent information are often included on this form.
  • Academic Transcripts: As evidence of your academic credentials, you might be asked to present transcripts or certificates from your prior educational institutions.
  • Entrance Exam or Interview: For the purpose of determining applicants’ aptitude and love for photography, certain photography schools may ask them to take an entrance exam or participate in an interview.
  • English Proficiency: If English is not your first language, you might need to take a test to prove your English competence, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation from mentors, employers, or teachers who can attest to your character and capacity as a photography student may be requested by some schools.
  • Application Fee: Upon submitting your application, you might have to pay a fee. The cost varies depending on the school.
  • Minimum Age Requirement: Check to see whether you meet the age requirements since certain schools may have a minimum age restriction for admittance.
  • Interview or Portfolio Review: Some institutions may need an interview or a portfolio review as part of the admissions process in addition to looking at your portfolio.
  • Personal Statement: You could be required to compose a personal statement or essay outlining your motivations for choosing photography as a major and your desired professional path.

List of Photography Schools In Ghana

Bkay Photos

Address: Olive Mall, Koforidua
Areas served: Koforidua and nearby areas
Phone: 024 997 6273

Accra International School of Advertising and Design (AisAD)

Address : 109 Avenue E, Legon E Rd, Accra
Phone number : 030 393 5943

It was David Photography

Address : Oroko Ave, Accra
Areas served: Accra Metropolis and nearby areas
Phone number : 026 541 0987

Infinity Pictures Gh

Adireshi: Sky Infinity Group, 1559 New Town Rd., Accra
Areas served: Ghana
Phone number : 024 821 4658


Address : Accra
Phone number : 024 160 1851

Accra Film School

Address : Mile 11
Phone number : 026 425 3165


Adireshi : HQPR+HVF, Accra
Phone number : 024 462 3026

UniMAC Institute of Film and Television

Adireshi : Kakramadu Rd. Accra
Phone number : 030 277 7610

Ace Photography Gh

Address : Accra

Creative Studio Academy

Address : 5.678782, -0.262150, Accra
Phone number : 053 438 2072

Pixxxy Photography

Adireshi: 21 Adjorman St, Accra
Phone number : 020 878 6352

Smarteye Photography

Adireshi : kpodo Street, Taxi rank, Madina
Areas served: Dubai and nearby areas
Phone number : +971 52 446 3945

Association of Professional Photographers Ghana

Adireshi : 63 Kade Ave., Accra
Phone number : 030 224 8239

Digital Gate Film School

Located in: Alimama Enterprise
Adireshi: Spintex Rd, Accra
Phone number : 055 852 1557

Frequently Asked Questions About Photography Schools In Ghana

What questions should I ask about photography?

The 10 most common photography questions answered

  • What does manual mode mean, and do I have to learn it? …
  • How do you achieve sharp focus?
  • Do you really have to edit all your photos? …
  • What gear do I need to achieve great photos? …
  • Do I have to be in business to be called a pro? …
  • What is white balance?

What should I look for in a photography course?
As well as the photos, of course, check to see if the instructor has any reviews of the course from previous students. They will be your best bet to know if the instructor is a great photographer, but maybe not the best communicator, or the other way around.

Why do we study photography?

Photography allows you to share your perspective of the world with others who can admire your work. This will be rewarding, particularly once you begin obtaining a good response from your viewers. If you wish to pursue a career as a photographer, finding a professional course can be a good way to start.

What is the definition of photography?

The word photography literally means ‘drawing with light’, which derives from the Greek photo, meaning light, and graph, meaning to draw. Photography is the process of recording an image – a photograph – on light-sensitive film or, in the case of digital photography, via a digital electronic or magnetic memory.

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