Plastic Chairs For Sale In Ghana

Plastic Chairs For Sale In Ghana

What are the affodable Plastic Chairs For Sale In Ghana:

School Plastic Chairs:

A variety of plastic chairs at low pricing are available for use in classrooms

Monobloc Chairs: These are straightforward, stackable plastic chairs that are frequently inexpensive and frequently utilized in a variety of settings.

Armless Plastic Chairs:

Because they are typically less expensive than chairs with armrests, armless chairs are a cost-effective choice..

Folding Plastic Chairs: Folding chairs are lightweight, portable, and frequently inexpensive.

Garden Plastic Chairs:

These chairs are made of plastic and are intended for usage in outdoor areas like gardens. 

They might come in a variety of designs and hues.

Here are a few reasonably priced Plastic Chairs that are popular in Ghana:

Event Plastic Chairs: Another style that is frequently offered at affordable prices are plastic chairs that are utilized for events, gatherings, or parties.

Folding Plastic Chairs: Foldable chairs may be carried about easily and are typically sold for affordable costs.

Garden Plastic Chairs: Popular outdoor chairs made of plastic that may be found in a variety of forms and colors include those used in patios and gardens.

School Plastic Chairs: There are certain plastic chairs available at reasonable costs that are made expressly for use in schools.

List Of expensive Plastic Chairs For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Plastic chairs can range widely in price based on the brand, style, materials, and seller’s markup, among other things. 

Also, since my previous post, prices and availability may have changed.

I advise browsing upmarket furniture stores, specialty retailers, or online furniture marketplaces if you’re looking for pricey or high-end plastic chairs for sale in Ghana. 

For the most up-to-date details on models and prices, it is preferable to speak directly with merchants or visit their websites.

List Of Affordable Plastic Chairs For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Here are some examples of commonly found affordable plastic chairs in Ghana:

School Plastic Chairs: There are certain plastic chairs available at reasonable costs that are made expressly for use in schools. 

Monobloc Chairs:

Simple plastic chairs that stack are frequently used in a variety of scenarios. 

Monobloc chairs can cost anywhere between GHC 20 and GHC 50 per chair.

Armless Plastic Chairs:

Plastic chairs without armrests are frequently more cheap than ones with armrests. 

Armless plastic chairs can cost anywhere between GHC 30 and GHC 60.

Folding Plastic Chairs:

Folding chairs are lightweight and portable, and they are typically inexpensive. 

An average folding plastic chair might cost between GHC 40 and GHC 80.

Garden Plastic Chairs:

Popular outdoor chairs made of plastic that may be found in a variety of forms and colors include those used in patios and gardens. 

The cost of a plastic garden chair can range from about GHC 50 to GHC 100.

List Of Used Plastic Chairs For Sale In Gh and Their Prices:

Social Media Marketplace:

Search for buy-and-sell groups or pages on social media sites like Facebook, where people frequently put used products like plastic chairs for sale.

Garage Sales and Auctions: Watch for secondhand furniture, particularly plastic chairs, that may be offered at bargain prices at garage sales or auctions.

Local Second-Hand Markets:

Go around your area’s thrift stores and secondhand markets. 

Used furniture at fair pricing is a specialty of these markets.

Where to buy plastic chair in Ghana:

Bestprice Furniture

No reviews · Furniture store

Accra · 024 262 3998

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Furniture City Ghana

4.5(2) · Furniture store

Accra · 054 276 4603

Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

DVO Ghana

4.7(11) · Furniture accessories

Accra · 030 277 8746

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Review of plastic chair for sale in Ghana:

Durability: Choose plastic chairs that can sustain repeated usage without quickly breaking or bending by looking for those made of strong, high-quality materials..


Assess the chair’s structure and comfort. 

A well-made plastic chair ought to provide support and comfort for extended sitting.

Weight Capacity: To make sure the chair can securely handle the intended users, check its weight capacity.

Stability: To avoid it from toppling over, make sure the chair is constructed with stability and balance..

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