List Of Prison Training Schools In Ghana

List Of Prison Training Schools In Ghana

What are Prison Training Schools In Ghana? The term “prison training” describes the academic and vocational programs offered to those who are detained in prisons or other types of correctional facilities. These initiatives are intended to give prisoners the chance to grow personally, learn new skills, and receive rehabilitation while they are incarcerated. Typically, the main objectives of jail training programs.

General Courses Offered In Prison Training Schools In Ghana

Different correctional facilities in Ghana may offer different courses and programs, and these offerings are subject to change over time. Thus, the following are some typical course and program types that Ghanaian prison training institutes might provide:

  • Basic Education and Literacy: Prison training schools offer literacy and numeracy classes to help offenders improve their math, reading, and writing skills, with some pursuing a GED.
  • Vocational Training: Ghana’s prisons frequently offer vocational training programs for inmates, enabling them to acquire practical skills like welding, carpentry, masonry, tailoring, and vehicle repair.
  • Agriculture and Farming: Prisoners in Ghana can learn farming and gardening techniques through programs offered in some jails. As a part of these projects, they may cultivate crops and rear cattle.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Skills: Inmates can learn entrepreneurship and business principles, gaining knowledge and skills to launch and run small businesses upon release.
  • Health and Hygiene Education: To encourage convicts’ wellbeing, health and hygiene education programs may be made available. Information on personal cleanliness, diet, and disease prevention are some examples of this.
  • Counseling and Rehabilitation: Jails provide counseling and rehabilitation services to prisoners struggling with drug addiction or mental health issues, aiming to promote personal development and address the root causes of criminal behavior.
  • Religious and Moral Education: To aid inmates’ spiritual and moral growth, Ghanaian prisons may provide religious and moral education programs. These programs frequently feature religious teachings, services, and counseling.
  • Art and Craft Classes: Prisoners may have the chance to take part in art and craft lessons where they can develop their artistic skills using a variety of media.

List of Prison Training Schools In Ghana

Ghana Prisons Training School, Accra

Adireshi: Borstal Ave. Ln., Link

Frequently Asked Questions About Prison Training Schools In Ghana

What is the motto of the Ghana Prison Service?

Ghana Prisons Service: Vigilance, Humanity, and Fortitude

What is the name of the head of the Ghana Prison Service?

The Controller-General of Prisons, two Deputy Controller-General of Prisons, seven Controllers of Prisons, and other important office holders are all located in the Prisons Headquarters in the Greater Accra area. Patrick Darko Missah is the service’s director general at the moment.

What are the challenges facing prisons in Ghana?

Insufficient financial support and poor feeding rates Large number of people on remand, subpar healthcare, bad sanitation, lack of reformatory, educational and training facilities, etc. 2. Staff working conditions are subpar, and jail workers are housed in substandard offices.

When was the Ghana Prison Service established?


The Gold Coast’s Prisons Department was founded in 1876 thanks to the Prisons Ordinance, which the Colonial Government had enacted in 1860. The initial Inspector General of Prisons was appointed in 1920.

Which ministry is the Ghana Prison Service under?

Ministry of the Interior

Ghana Prisons Service, Ministry of the Interior, Republic of Ghana.

What are the 4 types of prisons in Ghana?

There are 43 prisons in Ghana, and they are of different categories and cover the Following Numbers:

  • 14 Local prisons
  • 7 Female prisons
  • 1 Juvenile Facility.
  • 11 open-camp prisons
  • 1 Special Facility.
  • 7 Central Prisons
  • 1 Maximum Security Prison.
  • 1 medium-security prison

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