List Of Private SHS In Ghana

List Of Private SHS In Ghana

How many private SHS are in Ghana? There is a total of about 308 Private Senior High schools as of 2022 recognized by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as captured in the 2022 GES 2nd Cycle Schools Register.

Private SHS in Greater Accra Ghana :

There are currently 99 Private Schools in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

1Mars Business Senior HighMixedDay
2Salem Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
3Harvard Senior High *MixedDay/Boarding
4City Senior High/Business CollMixedDay/Boarding
5Presby Sec/Comm. Sch., NunguaMixedDay/Boarding
6Pank Sec/Business College**MixedDay/Boarding
7Snapps Coll of Acct SecMixedDay
8Social Advanced InstituteMixedDay
9Dansoman Sec. Sch.MixedDay
10Achimota Business Coll.MixedDay
11Ghana-Lebanon Islamic Sec.MixedDay
12Top Accountancy & SecretaryshipMixedDay
13Ghana Christian Int.High Sch.MixedDay
14Kolege High SchoolMixedDay
15Ateco High School ComplexMixedDay
16St. Anglican Sec.MixedDay
17His Majesty AcademyMixedDay
18The Lincoln SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
19Corpus Christi Sec SchoolMixedDay
20Apostle Safo Sch of Arts and ScienceMixedDay/Boarding
21Seven Great Princess AcademyMixedDay/Boarding
22Galaxy Int. SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
23Danaks Senior HighMixedDay
24Dansis Senior High SchMixedDay/Boarding
25Santa Maria Senior HighMixedDay
26Evangelical Business HighMixedDay/Hostel
27Edge Hill Senior HighMixedDay
28Ashley Sec/Business Col.MixedDay
29Jubilee Senior HighMixedDay
30Apex CollegeMixedDay
31Commonwealth CollegeMixedDay
32Conquerors Academy of Business StudiesMixedDay
33Saint Francis Xavier Senior HighMixedDay
34Dzokson Business CollegeMixedDay
35Cosmos Senior HighMixedDay
36Dasein Practical SchoolMixedDay
37Datus Sec. Business Coll.MixedDay
38African Adv. Col. Of Com/Tech SchMixedDay
39Tema High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
40Witsand Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
41Jita Senior HighMixedDay
42Deks Senior HighMixedDay
43Ideal CollegeMixedDay
44Exacam Senior HighMixedDay
45Firm Foundation Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
46Victoria CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
47NAVS Senior High/TechnicalMixedDay/Boarding
48Dannaks Senior HighMixedDay
49Theocracy Senior HighMixedDay
50C.P.F School of ScienceMixedDay
51Citadel Senior High SchoolMixedDay
52Anmchara Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
53Global Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
54The Golden Sunbeam Col.of Sc. &  Tech.MixedDay/Boarding
55Hill View Senior HighMixedDay
56Dard Senior High/Techn Inst.MixedDay
57Preset Pacesetters InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
58Medina Snr. Sec.MixedDay/Boarding
59Faith Comm. Baptist SchMixedDay
60Action Sec/Tech SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
61Rev. John Teye Mem.Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
62St. Peter’s Mission SchoolsMixedDay/Boarding
63Elohim Snr. High SchoolMixedDay
64Elim Senior Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
65Danquah International SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
66Eastbank Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
67The Masters Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
68Anson Senior High SchMixedDay/Hostel
69Darius Senior High/Tech.MixedDay/Boarding
70Hazelway International SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
71Vicar Trust Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
72Precious Jewel Senior High SchoolMixedDay
73Adote Otintor CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
74The Royals’ Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
75Mercy Islamic SchoolMixedDay
76De-Yongsters Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
77Delcam Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
78Talents Restoration Senior HighMixedDay
79ICODEHS Senior HighMixedDay
80Grace Academy Senior High SchoolMixedDay
81Presby Senior High/Commercial SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
82Morning Star Int. High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
83Pace Senior HighMixedDay
84Teshie St. John Senior High Sch.MixedDay
85Ghana International Christian AcademyMixedDay
86Apostolic Senior HighMixedDay
87Anisa Senior HighMixedDay
88Springboard International CollegeMixedDay
89Vilac International SchoolMixedDay
90Lady Fatimah Girls Senior High SchoolGirlsDay/Boarding
91New Star Educational InstituteMixedDay
92AI-Basar Senior High SchoolMixedDay
93Twumasi Boateng Senior High/TechnicalMixedDay
94Ghana College Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding/Hostel
95Bridge Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
96Good Shephered Senior HighMixedDay
97Startrite Christian CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
98Pass International CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
99Purpose Girls’ Christian Int.High Sch.GirlsBoarding

Private SHS in Ashanti Region Ghana

Ashanti Region have 62 Private Senior High schools in Ghana.

1Nigritian CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
2Kings Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
3Adabie Comm. Inst.MixedDay/Hostel
4Garden City Comm. CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
5St. Joseph Tech. Com. Sch.MixedDay/Hostel
6Ghana National AcademyMixedDay/Hostel
7Philips Com. CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
8Cambridge Senior High.MixedDay
9Faith High SchoolMixedDayBoarding
10Kings CollegeMixedDay
11University Tutorial Sec.SchoolMixedDay
12Assemblies of GodMixedDay
13Action Senior High/TechMixedDay
14Angel Educ. Complex Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
15Victory High SchoolMixedDay
16SDA Senior HighMixedDay
17Okomfo Anokye Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
18Presby Sec. SchoolMixedDay
19Joy Standard CollegeMixedDay
20Presdel CollegeMixedDay
21Elite CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
22Seibel And Baker CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
23SEA Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
24S.M.A Senior High SchoolMixedDay
25Great GHADECO Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
26Central Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
27Mighty Royal Senior HighMixedDay
28National Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
29Ghanaian German Senior High SchoolMixedDay
30Ideal CollegeMixedDay
31Noble Prince Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
32Kumasi Sports Academy Senior HighMixedDay
33Baptist Senior HighMixedDay
34Passion Senior HighMixedDay
35St. Paul Catholic Snr. High SchoolMixedDAY
36Success City Senior HighMixedDay
37Supreme CollegeMixedDay
38Great Dafco Senior HighMixedDay
39Hope and Faith Senior High SchoolMixedDay
40Noah’s CollegeMixedDay
41Church of Christ Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
42Our Lady of Grace Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
43Fr. Augustine Murphy High SchMixedDay/Boarding
44Just Love Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
45Artic Senior HighMixedDay
46St. Andrew’s Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
47Fruitful Life Senior HighMixedDay
48Westphalian Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
49Dwenti CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
50Osei Tutu II Senior High/TechnicalMixedDay/Boarding
51Joy Professional AcademyMixedDay
52Mountain Senior High, KonaMixedDay
53Ejura Islamic Senior High SchoolMixedDay
54Ascension Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
55D. D. D. Senior High Tech SchMixedDay/Boarding
56Great Faith Rockery Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
57Ibandur Rahman Academy Senior HighMixedDay
58Oduko Boatemaa Sen. High/Voc.MixedDay/Boarding
59Asante Akyem Technology InstituteMixedDay
60Mountain Senior HighMixedDay
61Methodist Senior High/TechMixedDay
62Kurofa Methodist Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel

Private SHS in Bono & Bono East Region Ghana

Both regions have altogether 29 G.E.S recognized private senior high schools

1Sunyani Business SecMixedDay/Boarding
2Miracle Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
3Olistar Secondary TechnicalMixedDay/Boarding
4Oxford Senior HighMixedDay
5All-Standard Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
6Ideal CollegeMixedDay
7Lawrence Senior HighMixedDay
8Abesim Senior HighMixedDay
9Bonoman Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
10Emmanuel Foundation SHSMixedDay/Boarding
11Presby-Dutch Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
12Assurance Senior High Technical SchoolMixedDay
13Marantha Business Enior HighMixedDay/Boarding
14Modern Senior HighMixedDay
15Centre College Senior HighMixedDay
16Berekum Star Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
17All for Christ Senior High Technical SchoolMixedDay
18Christ Apostolic Senior HighMixedDay
19Adehyeman Senior HighMixedDay
20Wiredu Brempong Senior High/TechMixedDay
21Awasuman Senior HighMixedDay
22Mpuasuman Senior HighMixedDay
23Getway Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
24Vision Obama Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
25Donkro-Nkwanta Senior HighMixedDay
26St. Benedict Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
27MIST Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
28Vittoria Business College, YejiMixedDay
29Sefah Bonsu Royal SeniorMixedDay/Hostel
ess College, YejiMixedDay
29Sefah Bonsu Royal SeniorMixedDay/Hostel

Private SHS in Central Region Ghana

There are 41 private senior high schools in the central region of Ghana that are recognized by the Ghana Education Service.

1Cape Coast International Senior HighMixedDay
2Archimedes College of Science and TechnologyMixedDay/Hostel
3St. Andrew’s Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
4Obama CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
5Heritage Adademy Senior HighMixedDay
6Charity Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
7Ogyeedon Senior High/TechnicalMixedDay/Boarding
8Infant Jesus Catholic Senior HighMixedDay
9Charity Comm Sch SchoolMixedDay
10Duncan Senior High/Tech SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
11Minnesota Christian Senior High SchoolMixedDay
12North American Educational CentreMixedDay
13St. Andrew’s Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
14Greenfield Senior high schoolMixedDay
15SDA Senior HighMixedDay
16Central Senior High SchoolMixedDay
17Peter B. A. Holdbrook-Smith Academic ComplexMixedDay/Boarding
18Sammo Sec/Comm/Tech SchMixedDay
19Forever Young Int. Senior HighMixedDay
20Abura Asebu Kwamankese Isl. Sen. HighMixedDay
21Samtet Oxford Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
22St. Andrew’s Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
23Oxford Senior High SchoolMixedDay
24St. Gregory Catholic Senior High SchoolMixedDay
25Jabez Dominic Educational InstituteMixedDay
26Hope CollegeMixedDay
27AME Zion Girls Sec SchoolMixedDay
28Winneba Sch of BusinessMixedDay
29Insaaniyya Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
30Royal Majesty CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
31Epinal Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
32Andam Senior High/Tech SchMixedDay
33Uncle Rich Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel/ Boarding
34Pank Sec/Business College**MixedDay/Hostle
35Africana Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
36Ayanfuri Comm. Day Senior HighMixedDay
37Holy City Senior High/Tech.MixedDay
38Jemima Elizabeth Taylor Girls Senior HighGirlsDay/Boarding
39Nananom Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
40St. Brother Andre Senior HighMixedBoarding
41Al-Khulafau Arashiduun Islamic SHSMixedDay/Boarding

Private SHS in the Eastern Region Ghana

Eastern Region has a total of 23 private senior high schools in Ghana , which are recognized by the Ghana Education Service.

1New Juaben College Of CommerceMixedDay/Boarding
2Universal Girls Senior HighGirlsDay/Boarding
3Kingsby Methodist Girls Senior HighGirlsDay/Boarding
4Peace Hill Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
5Liberty Senior HighMixedDay
6King David Comm CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
7Teachers’ Senior High SchMixedDay/Boarding
8Bright Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
9Apedwa Presby Senior High Day/Hostel
10St. Anthony Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
11Placid Senior High SchMixedDay/Boarding
12Modern Business CollegeMixedDay
13Somanya Sec/Tech Sch.MixedDay/Boarding
14Legacy Girls CollegeGirlsBoarding
15Christ Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
16Prince Boateng Mem, Snr. HighMixedDay/Boarding
17Learning Field Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
18Akosombo International Senior HighMixedDay
19Winners Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
20Akim State CollegeMixedDay/Boarding
21Amuana Praso Senior High SchoolMixedDay
22Greater Manchester Educational InstituteMixedDay/Hostel
23Standard Senior HighMixedDay

Private SHS in Northern Region In Ghana

A total of 18 private senior high schools are also located within the Northern Region of Ghana.

1Adventist Senior HighMixedDay
2Almaktoun Islamic Snr. HighMixedDay
3Temale International Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
4City Senior HighMixedDay
5Success Senior HighMixedDay
6AlsalamExcellent AcademyMixedDay
7Abubakar Sidiq Senior High SchoolMixedDay
8IBN Abbass Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
9Zion Senior High School, TamaleMixedDay/Boarding
10Centre of Excellent Business Sen. HighMixedDay/Hostel
11Presbyterian Senior High/TechMixedDay
12St. Anne’s  Girl’s Senior High, DamangoGirlsDay
13St. Cyprian Minor Seminary Senior High SchoolBoysDay/Boarding
14Marakaz Islamic Senior High SchoolMixedDay
15Excellence  College Int.MixedDay
16Al-Bayan Islamic Senior HighMixedDay
17Holy Spirit Senior HighMixedDay
18Gifam Training CentreMixedDay

Private SHS in Upper East Region In Ghana

The region has a total of 9 Private Senior High Schools as of 2022.

1Rock Foundation Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
2Golden Step Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Boarding
3Azoka Mem. AcademyMixedDay
4Teogo Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
5Sanity Senior HighMixedDay
6Soe Senior HighMixedDay
7BEO Senior High/TechMixedDay
8Kusaug State Senior High/TechMixedDay
9Pusiga Senior HighMixedDay

Private SHS in Upper West Region In Ghana

There are 4 private senior high schools in the upper west region in Ghana as of 2022.

1Tupaso Senior HighMixedDay
2Aswaj Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
3Han Senior HighMixedDay
4Sombo Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel

Private SHS in the Volta Region Ghana

Volta Region as of 2022 have a total of 14 Private Senior High Schools in Ghana, which are recognized by the G.E.S.

1St. Prosper CollegeMixedDay
2Dora Mem. Senior HighMixedDay
3FD’S International Senior High Tech.MixedDay
4St. Agatha Senior High/Advance  CollegeMixedDay
5Nchumuruman Pentecost SecMixedDay
6Action Nabincha Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
7St. James Business CollegeMixedDay
8Amazing Love Senior High SchoolMixedDay/Hostel
9Dambai Senior High SchoolMixedDay
10MIST Senior High, DambaiMixedDay/Boarding
11Intellectuals Senior High, ChinderiMixedDay
12Human Factor Leadership Senior HighMixedDay
13Bodada Presby Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
14Ziavi Community Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel

Private SHS in the Western & Western North Regions

The two region houses altogether 9 private senior high schools as of 2022.

1Western Senior High/TechMixedDay/Boarding
2Jabez CollegeMixedDay/Hostel
3Ransbet Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
4Church of Christ Senior HighMixedDay
5Mount Moriah Senior HighMixedDay
6Golden Gate Senior HighMixedDay/Boarding
7Eaglecrest Senior HighMixedDay/Hostel
8Bennie Appenteng Senior HighMixedDay
9Otoo Senior HighGirlsDay/Boarding

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