Rims For Sale In Ghana

Rims For Sale In Ghana

What are the affordable Rims For Sale In Ghana:

affordable rims for sale in Ghana, you can try the following approaches:

Social Media Groups:

Join car enthusiast groups or buy/sell groups on social media platforms. People may post advertisements for rims they want to sell.

Local Car Accessory Shops:

Visit the local vehicle parts or accessories stores. 

They could provide a variety of rims for sale at different price ranges.

Online Marketplaces:

Look out well-known Ghanaian online stores like Jumia, Tonaton, or OLX. 

Listings for automobile rims from various sellers are frequently available on these platforms.

Here are a few reasonably priced Rims For Sale that are popular in Ghana:


One excellent source for aftermarket rims with a variety of styles and finishes is Konig Wheels.


One excellent source for aftermarket rims with a variety of styles and finishes is Konig Wheels.


German company BBS is renowned for producing high-end alloy wheels with an emphasis on performance and design.


Popular brand Rota Wheels is well-known for providing inexpensive yet sturdy alloy wheels for a variety of vehicles.


Premium brand Vossen Wheels is well-known for its attractive and effective rims.

List Of expensive Rims For Sale in Ghana and Their Prices:

Expensive rims are often associated with premium or high-end brands that offer superior quality and unique designs. Some well-known high-end rim brands include:

BBS: German company BBS is well-known for its lightweight and high-performance alloy wheels.

Vossen: Vossen Wheels is a premium brand known for its stylish and luxury-oriented rim designs.

HRE: HRE Performance Wheels is a prestigious brand that offers custom-made forged wheels for high-performance vehicles.


ADV.1 Wheels is a well-liked option for forged wheels produced to order with distinctive and flamboyant designs..


Off-road and truck wheels are the focus of the FUEL Off-Road brand, which are renowned for their toughness and longevity.

List Of Affordable Rims For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

Used Car Dealerships: Some secondhand car lots may also offer wheels and other auto accessories at lower costs.

Local Car Accessory Shops:

Visit the local vehicle parts or accessories stores. 

They might sell a variety of reasonably priced rims.

Online Marketplaces: These marketplaces frequently provide ads for car rims from numerous vendors, enabling you to compare costs and choose solutions that are reasonable.

Social Media Groups:

Join buy/sell groups or communities for auto enthusiasts on social media. 

Advertising for reasonably priced rims that people want to sell is possible.

List Of Used Rims For Sale For Sale In Gh and Their Prices:

Local Car Accessory Shops: Visit the local vehicle parts or accessories stores. Some stores might sell a variety of secondhand rims..

Online Marketplaces: Check out well-known Ghanaian e-commerce or classifieds sites like Jumia, Tonaton, or OLX. Used rims are frequently listed on these platforms by private persons or businesses.

Social Media Groups:

Check out well-known Ghanaian e-commerce or classifieds sites like Jumia, Tonaton, or OLX. Used rims are frequently listed on these platforms by private persons or businesses.

Where to buy Rims in Gh:


4.3(6) · Tire shop

Accra · 024 060 3570

Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Sold here: wheel rims

Sampson Darkwa (Car tyres and rims dealer)

No reviews · Auto repair shop

Accra · 024 608 6188

Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

Tyre Center Ghana

4.3(49) · Tire shop

Accra · 055 146 8233

Open 24 hours

Seen by shoppers: wheel rims

Korle-Bu Tire Center

2.9(7) · Tire shop


Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

Seen by shoppers: wheel rims

Review of Rims for sale in Ghana:

Size and Fitment:

You must make sure the rims you select are the right size and fitting for your car. The performance and handling of your car might be impacted by improperly sized rims, which also run the risk of damaging the tires.


Steel, alloys (such as aluminum), and forged materials are just a few of the materials that can be used to create rims. Alloy rims are well-liked because of their light weight and fashionable looks. Because of their enhanced aesthetics and performance, they are frequently favoured by vehicle aficionados.

Design and Aesthetics:

To accommodate various vehicle styles and tastes, rims are available in a broad variety of designs, finishes, and widths. There are rims available to match the style of your car, whether you want a traditional, sporty, or futuristic design.

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