List Of SHS In Ghana That Offer Elective ICT

List Of SHS In Ghana That Offer Elective ICT

Do we Have SHS In Ghana That Offer Elective ICT? Rapid technological advancements in Ghana require ICT integration for development and progress across sectors. In this article, we will delve into the significance of Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana offering elective ICT courses. We will explore the benefits, challenges, and impact of this educational initiative.

What are some ICT Courses offered In Ghana’s Senior High Schools?

Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana typically offer a range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) courses as part of their curriculum. These courses are designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of ICT principles and skills. Here are some common ICT courses offered in Ghanaian secondary schools:

  1. Introduction to ICT
  2. Computer Programming
  3. Computer Hardware and Maintenance
  4. Database Management
  5. Networking
  6. Web Development
  7. Digital Literacy
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. ICT Project Management
  10. ICT Ethics and Legal Issues
  11. ICT Entrepreneurship
  12. ICT for Business

List Of SHS In Ghana That Offer Elective ICT

There are a lot more SHS in Ghana that might offer ICT as an elective course. Also, the availability of elective subjects can vary from one academic year to the next; therefore, it’s important to confirm with the respective schools or the Ghana Education Service (GES) for the most recent details on their curriculum offerings.

Here are some schools that have historically offered ICT as an elective subject:

Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC), Accra

Achimota School, Accra

St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast

Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast

Adisadel College, Cape Coast

Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast

St. Peter’s Senior High School, Nkwatia-Kwahu

Prempeh College, Kumasi

Opoku Ware School, Kumasi

St. Louis Senior High School, Kumasi

Aburi Girls’ Secondary School, Aburi

Holy Child School, Cape Coast

Accra Academy, Accra

Okuapeman School, Akropong

Ghana National College, Cape Coast

Opportunities For Studying Elective ICT Courses In Ghana’s Senior High Schools

Ghanaian Senior High Schools offer elective ICT courses for technology skills development. There are several opportunities and advantages associated with pursuing elective ICT courses in Ghana SHS:

  1. ICT courses teach students digital literacy skills, which are essential for today’s technology-driven world.
  2. Studying ICT in SHS prepares students for future careers in IT, computer science, software development, and data analysis.
  3. Ghanaian SHSs offer diverse ICT courses, catering to students’ interests and career goals, ranging from basic to advanced.
  4. ICT courses in SHS include practical components, enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities through real-world projects.ies.
  5. ICT skills enhance competitiveness in higher education and job opportunities, attracting tech-savvy candidates.
  6. ICT courses may also inspire entrepreneurial pursuits. Students who acquire ICT skills may consider starting their own tech-related businesses, such as software development or web design firms.
  7. ICT is a globally relevant field, and the skills gained from studying elective ICT courses in SHS can open doors to international educational and employment opportunities.
  8. As Ghana continues to invest in its digital infrastructure and technology sector, individuals with ICT skills can actively contribute to the country’s development and digital transformation.
  9. Students studying ICT may have opportunities to participate in tech-related clubs, workshops, and competitions, allowing them to network with peers who share similar interests.
  10. ICT skills transfer across sectors, improving processes and outcomes in various fields.

FAQS About SHS In Ghana That Offer Elective ICT

Is elective ICT a course in SHS? In Ghana, the Senior High School (SHS) curriculum is structured around various elective subjects, but “Elective ICT” is not typically a standalone course or subject offered in SHS. Instead, ICT-related topics and courses are integrated into the general curriculum under different subjects.

Is ICT a course in SHS in Ghana? Yes, ICT is a standalone subject in Ghanaian Senior High Schools, covering computer literacy, software applications, programming concepts, and technology usage in various contexts.

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