Tv For Sale In Ghana

Tv For Sale In Ghana

What are the affordable Tv For Sale In Ghana:

Sales and Promotions:

Watch out for sales and promotions, particularly around holidays or other special occasions. 

Shops frequently offer sales and discounts on electronics, including TVs.

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets:

TVs can occasionally be found in larger supermarkets and hypermarkets together with other electronic devices. 

These shops could provide reasonable prices and sporadic sales.

Specialized Electronics Stores:

Find specialty electronics shops that specialize in TVs and home entertainment equipment. 

There could be a lot of options available to them.

Here are a few reasonably priced Tv that are popular in Ghana:

Certainly, here are a few TV brands and models that have been popular in Ghana and are reasonably priced:

LG UN7300 Series:

The UN7300 series of LG Televisions, which are equally well-liked, is renowned for their vivid colors and smart TV features. 

It’s a mid-range choice with a reasonable price-to-value ratio.

Bruhm TV:

TVs from the Bruhm brand, which specializes in inexpensive equipment, are very well-liked in Ghana. 

They provide a variety of sizes and features suited for various price ranges.

Samsung TU8000 Series:

The TU8000 series from well-known manufacturer Samsung offers good picture quality and a variety of sizes. 

It’s an affordable choice with respectable performance and features.

TCL 4 Series:

TCL has become well-known for selling inexpensive TVs with good performance. 

The 4 Series is frequently complimented for its respectable picture quality and Roku-based smart TV system.

Hisense H8G Series:

Another company that offers inexpensive choices is Hisense. 

The H8G series is a fantastic option for consumers on a tight budget because it provides good color accuracy and contrasts.

Sony Bravia R510C Series:

The R510C series from Sony’s Bravia line is renowned for its high quality and strikes a good balance between price and performance. 

Even though it lacks some of the high-end models’ bells and whistles, it nevertheless provides a fantastic watching experience.

Skyworth E20300 Series:

Ghana is one of the markets where Skyworth is growing in popularity. 

At a modest price range, the E20300 series provides decent picture quality and smart TV features.

Infinix TV:

The company Infinix, famed for its smartphones, has entered the TV industry. 

These TVs are made with price in mind and could be a good choice for those on a tight budget.

List Of expensive Tv for sale In Ghana and Their Prices:

I advise looking for specific information about expensive TVs for sale in Ghana and their prices on online marketplaces, electronics shops’ websites, or retail websites that focus on electronics. 

These sources might have information on the prices and models of high-end TVs.

It’s important to keep in mind that the price of expensive TVs can vary greatly based on the brand, model, screen size, quality, and added features like smart capabilities or OLED technology.

List of affordableTv for sale in Ghana:

Bruhm TV:

A company called Bruhm that specialized in inexpensive electronics may have TVs that are cost-effective in Ghana.

Samsung TU7000 :

SeriesThe Samsung TU7000 series delivers decent picture quality and smart TV capabilities at very affordable prices.

LG LM5700 Series: With smart TV features and a range of screen sizes, LG’s LM5700 series offers an excellent combination of functionality and price.

TCL 3 Series:

The TCL 3 Series provides budget-friendly alternatives with respectable picture quality and Roku-based smart TV features.

Hisense H4 Series:

The H4 series from Hisense is renowned for its low cost and minimal smart TV features.

Insignia Fire TV Edition:

This is a cost-effective choice that includes Amazon’s Fire TV pre-installed for convenient streaming access.

Skyworth E20300 Series: The E20300 series from Skyworth frequently has affordable prices and provides respectable performance for its pricing.

Philips 4000 Series: In the 4000 series, Philips provides affordable TVs with straightforward functionality and a range of screen sizes.

List high definitions tv in Ghana:

Here are some TV brands and series that commonly offer high-definition TVs:

Samsung HD TVs:

The well-known manufacturer Samsung provides a variety of HD TV models in various series. 

Consider alternatives such as the Samsung HD N5000 series or comparable products.


LG also provides HD TVs across a range of series. 

Devices like the LG LM5700 series may offer HD video in excellent enough shape.


TCL is renowned for providing reasonably priced TVs with respectable performance. 

For HD alternatives, look for the TCL 3 Series or comparable devices.

Hisense HD TVs: Hisense offers HD TVs in its lineup. You might find options like the Hisense H4 Series or equivalent models.

Panasonic HD TVs: Moreover, Panasonic provides HD TV models with a range of features and sizes.

Sony Bravia HD TVs:

HD TV models that offer good picture quality and color accuracy are available in Sony’s Bravia line.

Philips HD TVs:

HD Televisions from Philips come with a range of features. 

Seek out models from the Philips 4000 Series or others like it.

Sharp HD TVs:

Sharp provides HD TV models that Ghana may be able to purchase. 

Browse through their lineup for options.

Where to buy Tv in Ghana :

QUOPHEX Electronics Ghana

4.4(42) · Electronics store


Open ⋅ Closes 8 pm

Seen by shoppers: televisions

Get4Less Ghana

4.4(270) · Electronics store

Accra · 050 029 0290

Closes soon ⋅ 6 pm

Seen by shoppers: televisions

TCL Electronics Ghana Limited

4.0(419) · Electronics store

Opposite Melcom Plus · 059 691 3298

Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 pm

Seen by shoppers: televisions

Hisense Showroom Ghana

4.0(11) · Electronics store


Open 24 hours · 050 201 8365

Sold here: televisions

Review of tv in Ghana:

Here are some key aspects to consider when reviewing TVs:

Picture Quality:

Resolution: Higher resolutions like 4K (Ultra HD) provide sharper images with more detail. Full HD (1080p) is still common and offers good picture quality.

Color Accuracy:

Make sure the colors are precise and striking. 

Try to find TVs with a wide color range and good color reproduction.

Contrast Ratio: Higher contrast ratio televisions provide more accurate distinction between dark and light areas..

Screen Size and Type:

Choose a screen size that suits your room and viewing distance. Larger screens are generally better for immersive experiences.

Consider whether you want an LED, OLED, or QLED panel. OLED panels offer superior black levels and contrast.

Smart Features:

Check for smart TV capabilities with built-in apps for streaming services, internet browsing, and app downloads.

User interface and ease of navigation are important for a seamless smart TV experience.

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