University Of Ghana ienabler

University Of Ghana ienabler

University Of Ghana ienabler is a is a self Help iEnabler where prospective, continuous students, and alumni login with their credentials, reset forget Pin, Change Pin, Reset Pin, and Retrieved Forgotten Student Number.

What is mis Web?

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MIS Web is an online academic portal for students of the University of Ghana. All Students of UG – Legon who apply for Admission and have been successfully admitted (Check UG Admission List) are required to create a UG MIS Web Portal account.

Explore the UG MIS Web and login with your Student Number and PIN for your online course registration, change personal information, get academic and other information and make payments.

Besides, UG Sakai LMS is an additional portal for online examinations and where students submit assignments.

How to Login To UG MIS Web

  1. Browse the UG Website URL:
  2. Tap MIS Web under Featured Links
  3. Use the appropriate radio button to choose your status (Personnel or Student)
  4. Provide your Personnel or Student Index Number and PIN
  5. Tap on the Login button

UG Legon Online Course Registration On MIS WEB

  1. Follow this procedure here to access the Portal
  2. Login here student iEnabler
  3. Navigate and Tap “Registration” under the student iEnabler (On the left of the Screen)
  4. Then “Submit Registration”
  5. Tap on the “Blue Letters” under “Qualification Code”
  6. Select “Register for this Qualification”
  7. “Save and Continue” and select your various courses for the semester by ticking the small box against each course.
  8. Tap “Save and Continue” to view the courses you have selected.
  9. Then Tap “Continue” to view the Registration Cost (Academic Facility User Fee)
  10. “Accept Registration” to complete the registration.
  11. Again “Save and Continue” to view the courses you have selected.
  12. Tap “Print Friendly Format” and print proof of registration or download it on your phone
  13. Log Out

How do I Reset my UG MIS WEB password?

1. Open the UG web site, with your browser

2. Open the MIS page by clicking on Staff (or Student) and selecting MIS Web

3. Click on the appropriate radio button to choose your status (Personnel orStudent)

4. Provide your personnel or student number and PIN. You can also click on theForgotten Pin button and your PIN will be sent to your UG assigned email address.

5. Click on the login buttonFirst time log in

6. You will be directed to another screen as shown below, while a temporarypassword will be sent to your official UG assigned email address.

7. Retrieve your temporary password from your email and key it in the TemporaryPassword field shown above.

8. Create and key in your new password which should be a combination of uppercase letters, lower case letters, special characters and numbers. The chosenpassword must be at least eight (8) characters long and should be different fromany previous passwords you have used for the MIS Web

9. Click on the login in button to log into your MIS Web home screen

10. This completes your first time log in for the new MIS Web.11.

Note: if, for some reason, you cannot access the temporary password, click onthe Forgot Password button and a new temporary password will be sent to youremail address

b.If you see a screen, such as is indicated below instead, click on theForgot Password button and the above screen will display while a newpassword will be sent to your email address. Proceed as in 7, 8 and 9.

c. If you do not adhere to the instructions for the format of a new password, oryou do not key in the Temporary Password correctly, you will receive an errorfeedback such as below:

Click on the back button and try again.

Subsequent Logins

After the initial log in subsequent logins follow a slightly modified procedure

12. Follow steps 1 – 5 above

13. You will be directed to another screen as shown below:

14. Enter the password you created earlier in the Password field

15. Click on the Login button to log into your MIS Web home screen

16. Note: if you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password buttonand a new password will be sent to your email address. You may also changeyour password by clicking on the Change Password button

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