University Of Health And Allied Science School of Pharmacy

University Of Health And Allied Science School of Pharmacy

I heartily welcome you to the webpage of the School of Pharmacy (SOP), University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), Ho. The School is the newest of the six schools in UHAS. Therefore, SOP is coming on board, at this stage, to complement efforts and actions of the Institute of Health Research (IHR) and other UHAS Schools in fulfilling the vision and mission of UHAS. This is because, central to health management are drugs used in prevention, treatment and management of disease conditions.

Hence, in collaboration with other disciplines found in sister schools and IHR, SOP hopes to contribute to the knowledge of orthodox-, herbal- and food-drugs, neutraceuticals, supplements, especially proving information on their pharmacological activities, pharmacokinetics, bioavailablity, chemistry and structure-activity-relationships, drug-drug and food-drug interactions, pharmacovigilance, as well as information on newer drug formulation techniques, isolation of newer drug templates, microbial or chemical modifications of existing templates to obtain better drugs, etc. A typical example is the search for anti-plasmodial and larvicidal agents from plants and other natural sources that could complement efforts of malarial epidemiologists in achieving the slogan, “ROLL BACK MALARIA”.

Consequently, postgraduate research in SOP and those of her academic staff would be tailored to bring to the fore, drugs that are sourced locally for the management of diseases, formulate such and present them to the communities, in line with the UHAS vision.

The School of Pharmacy is taking giant strides in the undergraduate training of her students. These students undergo six-year practice-oriented training in the PharmD degree programme with the aim of producing members of “health management teams” that would provide patient-centered pharmaceutical care. These professionals can also work in academic, research, regulatory, pharmaceutical manufacturing outlets, among others.

Once again, you are welcome to the School of Pharmacy webpage and hope you would soon visit us either as an intending undergraduate student or a postgraduate student of one of our robust and community-oriented programmes that will soon be available. Thank you.


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