University Of Health And Allied Science Strategic Objectives

University Of Health And Allied Science Strategic Objectives

UHAS will fulfil its mission by achieving the following strategic objectives which are inspired by the fact that as a new university we need to take steps towards a future that guarantees long term growth and progress.

The following are the strategic objectives of UHAS in the next decade:

Strategic Objective 1 – Cutting Edge Research

To consistently push the limit of our academic curiosity in health research and earn an enviable reputation for the wide-reaching impact of our research on the knowledge and practice of health and wellbeing.

Strategic Objective 2 – Academic Environment (Teaching and Learning)

To establish conducive teaching and learning environment wherein faculty and students feel physically, psychologically, socially, and culturally secure to work independently and cooperatively, to make the University experience stimulating.

Strategic Objective 3 – Internal Management Processes

We will rigorously ensure efficient internal control management processes that will allow us to balance risk exposure with business performance by ensuring processes are agile and deliver value to the University.

Strategic Objective 4 – Stakeholder Management

Commit to building viable and lasting relationships with our stakeholders that creates a unified community with shared vision.

Strategic Objective 5 – Diversity, Cultural Brand and Identity

We believe diversity and inclusivity make institutions and teams work better. We will strive to live that belief as champions of a more inclusive community by creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, cultivating an inclusive guest experience, and fostering equal opportunity in our community.

Strategic Objective 6 – Finance and Capital Investment

To generate sufficient financial resources to sustain the University’s research, infrastructure and academic activities through prudent financial planning and management that consciously pursues capital accumulation for the future.

Strategic Objective 7 – State of the Art Facilities and Laboratory Equipment

To set up and maintain state of the art facilities with the best laboratory equipment that is comparable to any top health research and training institution in the world.

Strategic Objective 8 – State of the Art Technology /Risk Management

To invest in information technology platforms that enhance the ability of UHAS academic, research, teaching and learning communities to collaborate with each other and with global partners.

Strategic Objective 9 – Monitoring and Results Management (MRM)

To build an institution that focuses on health research and education requires an intentional approach to reinventing systems that respond rapidly to the changing environment. High performance and achievement of objectives is an imperative for a University.

Strategic Objective 10 – Communication and Global Reach

To develop the University’s position as a world class centre for intellectual engagement, through the proactive communication of ideas generated at UHAS and through openness to new ideas generated elsewhere.