Wardrobe For Sale In Melcom Ghana

Wardrobe For Sale In Melcom Ghana

What are the affordable Wardrobe For Sale In Melcom Ghana

To find affordable wardrobes for sale at Melcom Ghana, you can follow these steps:

Check Melcom catalogues or flyers:

Melcom frequently publishes flyers or product catalogues with exclusive offers. 

For prospective clothing offers, keep an eye out for these in your local paper or on their website.

Visit the Melcom Ghana website: You can browse their products, including wardrobes, and compare prices by visiting their official website, which may also feature an online store.

Contact Melcom stores: To learn more about their current wardrobe selection and prices, call or visit the closest Melcom store in Ghana.

Here are a few reasonably priced Wardrobe that are popular in Ghana:

Mobus Furniture: A variety of modern and traditional wardrobe designs are available from Mobus Furniture at affordable costs.


A well-known retail business in Ghana called Melcom sells a variety of goods, including furniture like closets. 

Companies frequently offer inexpensive choices that fit a range of budgets

Orca Deco: Orca Deco is a well-known furniture retailer in Ghana, offering a variety of furniture, including wardrobes, at different price points.


Leading foam and furniture producer in Ghana is Ashfoam. 

They have a number of decently made, reasonably priced wardrobes available.

Franko Trading Enterprise:

Furniture and electronics are sold in the retail establishment known as Franko Trade Company. 

They offer reasonably priced wardrobe solutions to suit a range of preferences and price ranges.

Palace Furniture:

Furniture company Palace Furniture operates multiple stores in Ghana. 

They provide a variety of wardrobe sizes and designs to suit different price ranges.

List Of expensive Wardrobe For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices?

Visit reputable furniture stores: Explore well-known furniture stores in major cities like Accra and Kumasi that offer high-end furniture, including expensive wardrobes. Examples include Orca Deco, Franko Trading Enterprise, Palace Furniture, and other upscale furniture retailers.

Check online marketplaces:

OLX Ghana, Tonaton, and Jumia Ghana are a few online marketplaces where luxury wardrobes may be listed for sale. 

On these websites, look for listings for luxury furniture.

List Of Affordable Luxury Wardrobe For Sale In Ghana and Their Prices

To find affordable luxury wardrobes for sale in Ghana, consider the following tips:

Visit furniture stores:

Authentic furniture retailers in significant cities like Accra and Kumasi could stock a range of opulent wardrobes at various pricing points. 

Orca Deco, Franko Trading Enterprise, and Palace Furniture are a few examples.

Compare prices:

Compare features and costs when looking through various stores and sellers to get the most for your money.

Check online marketplaces:

Luxury wardrobes may be available for sale on websites like Jumia Ghana, Tonaton, and OLX Ghana. 

To find solutions that fit your budget, peruse various types of furniture.

Custom-made options: You might be able to choose materials and features that meet your budget by working with some local carpenters or furniture manufacturers to create a luxury wardrobe specifically for you.

List Of unpurchase Luxury Wardrobe For Sale In Gh and Their Prices

Custom-made options:

Local carpenters or furniture builders may provide made-to-order luxury wardrobes with distinctive features. 

To receive an estimate depending on your requirements, you can make direct inquiries with them.

Visit luxury furniture stores:

Luxurious wardrobes in a range of price ranges may be available in reputable furniture stores in large cities like Accra and Kumasi. 

Orca Deco, Franko Trading Enterprise, and Palace Furniture are a few examples.

Check online marketplaces:

Luxury wardrobes may be for sale on websites like Jumia Ghana, Tonaton, and OLX Ghana. 

To find solutions that suit your tastes, look through their furniture categories and filter by luxury items.

Where to buy Luxury Wardrobe in Ghana

Casa Trasacco

4.4(161) · Furniture store

LG 1095 Tetteh Quarshie Avenue · 030 282 3120

Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 pm

“High end furnishing and decor.”


4.6(49) · Furniture store

Accra · 050 528 6013

Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

“But quite expensive. But makes sense for the quality. Warm staff.”

Orca Deco Ghana

4.4(2.4K) · Furniture store

Accra · 024 440 0444

Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

“I have experience it personally with my wardrobe”

Enak kreations Furniture shop

4.0(6) · Fitted furniture supplier


Open now · 024 440 8567

In-store shopping·Delivery

Jamila Home

4.7(59) · Furniture store


Open ⋅ Closes 10 pm · 030 243 7230

“Royal Italian furniture that embodies true luxury”

Review of Luxury Wardrobe for sale in Ghana:

Design and Aesthetics:

Elegant and sophisticated designs are frequently found in luxury wardrobes. 

Think on the design in general, taking into account the hardware, finishes, and material selections.

Quality of Materials:

Pay close attention to the materials that went into building the closet. 

Premium woods, metal embellishments, plus high-end hardware are frequently used in high-end luxury closets.

Functionality and Features:

Many amenities, like built-in lighting, soft-closing drawers, custom sections, and storage options catered to particular need, may be included in a luxury wardrobe.

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