What Is Isic Code In Ghana

What Is Isic Code In Ghana

What is meant by Isic Code in Ghana?

International Standard Industrial Classification is referred to as SIC. 

A method for categorizing economic activity at several levels, including industries and sectors, is known as the ISIC code. 

Analytical, regulatory, and statistical uses are all included.

According to their main business activity, businesses and economic activities are categorized in Ghana using the ISIC code. 

It offers a consistent system for classifying industries and enterprises, which makes data collecting, analysis, and reporting easier.

Each level of the ISIC code system represents a progressively higher level of specificity and information. 

Alphanumeric codes with several digits enable classification at different levels.

It is simpler to compare and evaluate data across many industries when a company or economic activity is given an ISIC code.

How to use Isic code in Ghana?

Choose Your Business Activity: Decide what your company’s main line of business is. 

Think about the kind of products or services your company manufactures or offers.

Visit the official website of the United Nations Statistics Division to have access to the ISIC code classification system. 

Unstats.UN.org/unsd/publication/seriesm/seriesm 4rev4e.pdf is where you can find it.

Find the Appropriate Code: Go to the section or industrial category that best describes your business activity within the ISIC code classification system. 

Since the codes are arranged hierarchically, start with the broad industry category and gradually hone down on more detailed subcategories until you locate the one that is most suited to your company.

Notice the ISIC Code: After choosing the appropriate ISIC code,

Benefit of Isic code in Ghana?

For a variety of stakeholders, including government organizations, companies, researchers, and policymakers, using the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) code in Ghana has significant advantages. 

The following are some major advantages of the ISIC code in Ghana:

The ISIC code system offers a standardized framework for gathering and reporting data on economic activity. 

It makes it possible for governmental organizations, like the Ghana Statistical Service, to collect reliable data that is comparable across various markets. 

This makes it possible to analyze, track, and publish economic trends and indicators with accuracy.

Economic analysis and research are made easier by the ISIC code system, which offers an uniform vocabulary for classifying economic activity. 

ISIC codes can be used by researchers to compare products, conduct comparative research, and study the

Frequently asked questions about ISIC code?

Here are some frequently asked questions about ISIC codes:

What is an ISIC code?

An ISIC code is an abbreviation for International Standard Industrial Classification. It is a system for classifying economic activities at various levels, including industries and sectors. The codes provide a standardized framework for categorizing businesses and economic activities based on their primary line of operation.
Why are ISIC codes used?

ISIC codes are used for statistical, regulatory, and analytical purposes. They facilitate data collection, analysis, and reporting by providing a common language for categorizing economic activities. ISIC codes enable the comparison and analysis of economic indicators across industries and sectors within a country and globally.
How are ISIC codes structured?

ISIC codes have a hierarchical structure with multiple levels. The codes are alphanumeric and consist of digits that represent different levels of classification. The higher-level codes represent broader industry categories, while the lower-level codes provide more specific classifications within those categories.
How are ISIC codes assigned to businesses?

ISIC codes are assigned to businesses based on their primary line of operation. The code is typically determined by the nature of the economic activity or the type of goods or services produced. Businesses can identify their ISIC code by referring to the official ISIC code classification system or consulting relevant regulatory bodies or statistical agencies.
Are ISIC codes the same worldwide?

The ISIC code system is globally recognized, but there may be variations in its implementation and adaptations by different countries. The core structure and principles of the ISIC code system remain consistent, but some countries may make slight modifications or additions to suit their specific needs or align with regional or national classification systems.
Where can I find the ISIC code for my business?

The official ISIC code classification system can be accessed through the United Nations Statistics Division website or the national statistical agency’s website in your country. You can search for the relevant code based on your business’s primary line of operation or consult regulatory bodies or industry associations for assistance in identifying the appropriate ISIC code.
Can ISIC codes change over time?

Yes, the ISIC code system is periodically revised and updated to reflect changes in economic activities and emerging industries. The latest version is ISIC Rev. 4, which was published by the United Nations Statistics Division. It’s important to consult the latest version and any updates or revisions issued by the relevant statistical authorities in your country.
These are general FAQs about ISIC codes, but specific questions or concerns may vary depending on the context and country of application.

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