Where Is Ada Located In Ghana

Where Is Ada Located In Ghana

Where Is Ada Located In Ghana ? Ada is A Town in the Dangme East District that is in the eastern part of the Greater Accra Region in the southeast of Ghana. It is comprised principally of the “towns” of Ada Foah, Big Ada, and Ada Kasseh.

Ada Foah, which is also the district capital, is located at the beach and river estuary, and naturally is where most visitors spend their time. Who are Ada people in Ghana? Ada people are fishery and agricultural Dangme-speaking people that forms a subset of the larger Ga-Dangme ethnolinguistic group living in the southern Ghana. Ada people are mostly found in the Dangme East district of Greater Accra Region. The Ada people were made up of the four original Dangme clans: Adibiawe.

According to the report, the Ada people were made up of the four original Dangme clans: the Adibiawe, Lomobiawe, Dangmebiawe, and Tekperbiawe. “These clans, the Okorli, integrated one Akan clan- the Kabiawe and incorporated three Ewe clans: the Kudragbe, Korgbor and Ohuewem.

List Of Educational Institutions In Ada

Basic Schools

Wokumagbe Basic School

Totimekope Basic School

Tojeh D/A Primary/ Kg School

Togbloku Methodist Primary & Kg School

Toflokpo Presby Primary School

St. Peter Claver R/C Basic School, Ada Foah

Geat Knowledge Academy

Shalom Academy

Sege No 1 Presby Basic School

Ocanseykope D/A Basic School

Obane D/A Primary School

Nakomkope Basic School

Matsekope Presby Primary& Kg School

Madavunu Basic School

Lufenya D/A Primary School

Lolonya Basic School

Korlekope D/A Basic School

Koluedor Roman Catholic Primary School

Kasseh No.2, D/A Primary School

Kasseh Methodist Basic School

Kasseh D/A No.1 Primary School

Hwakpo Basic School

Gorm D/A Basic School

Goi Basic School

Gbantana Cheshire Basic School

Fantevikope D/A Kg & Primary School

Englesi D/A Primary/ Kg School

Dorgobom D/A Primary/ Kg School

Dogo Presby Primary School

Caesarkope Presby Primary/ Kg School

Bornikope Community Basic School Complex

Bornikope D/A Primary School

Bedeku D/A Basic School

Anyakpor R/C Basic School

Allorkpem Community Basic School

Akplabanya D/A Primary & Kg School

Afiadenyigma D/A Basic School

Aflive D/A Primary School

Addokorpe D/A Primary School

Secondary Schools

Ada Senior High School

Ada Senior High Technical School

Ada Technical Institute

Tetiary Institutions

Ada College of Education

List Of Top Personalities Who Come from Ada

Christian Atsu – Ghanaian professional footballer

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