Zagazig University Admission 2017/2018

Zagazig University Admission 2017/2018

dmission Rules:

Enrollment :

The university high council determines -according to the suggestions of the faculties councils after taking into consideration the opinion of different faculties- at the end of each year the number of the Egyptian students accepted in each faculty or college among those who have passed the general secondary school or any equal certificate. The high council of each faculty following its qualifying condition can decide the number of students accepted among the foreigners. Afterwards a decision from the Minister of Higher Education is issued, whereupon students are directed to different faculties.

Prerequisites for Undergraduates:

  1. An applicant shall have the General secondary school certificate or what is equal. The acceptance of students shall be suitable to their scores taking into consideration their home location according to decisions of the universities High council and faculties councils. In faculties of Commerce, students having the certificate of commercial secondary schools are accepted. In faculties of agriculture, students who passed the exams of agriculture secondary schools with high scores are accepted. In faculties of engineering, students of technical schools are also accepted. In high institution of Nursing, those who have passed General nursing certificate are accepted. In the faculties of education and faculties of girls, those who have educational diploma are accepted; those who have passed the technical institution and the like in some faculties may also be accepted. Graduates of commercial secondary school, Technical secondary school, and agriculture secondary school shall be enrolled in the branches of technical instructor in the faculty of education, and in some branches of Higher Institute For Productive Sufficiency in Zagazig University according to the discipline and conditions of the University Higher Council.
  2. The medical test shall prove the good health of the applicant and his inoccupation of diseases for resuming the studies, which he advances for according to the principles, drawn by the University Higher Council and Faculties Universities.
  3. If an applicant is a worker, he shall provide a work License proving his allowance to follow his studies by his directors, whether he works in governmental or non- governmental post.
  4. An applicant should have good reputation.
  5. The applicants may be among those who have the Bachelor or Licensee degree or its equivalents in the different branches of Bachelor or licensee of other colleges or faculties according to the conditions of internal calendars of each faculty or institute. A decision from the University President or his vice- presidents is needed in this situation.
  6. Each applicant who desires to join the university shall be enrolled, just in one faculty. A student who joins more than one faculty at the same time will be rejected.

Part – Time Studies
An applicant may go through the part-time studies in the faculties of Art. Law, or Commerce or any faculty determined by the university Higher Council for obtaining the degree of Bachelor or Licensee

Part-Time applicants shall have the following conditions

To be good-reputed and have a good contact

To pass the General secondary school or its equivalent in the same years of his enrolment.

For those who have the Bachelor or License certificate, they may be affiliated to the same faculties.

Undergraduate programs

The undergraduate programs accept applicants who passed General Certificate of Secondary Education or any other equivalent international high school degree, in compliance with the terms and conditions of the supreme council of Egyptian Universities..

Graduate programs:

• Applicants to the graduate programs shall:

1- Hold a Bachelor Degree from a recognized university or equivalent institute.

2- Fulfill the general requirements stated by the faculty council and declared by the university council. .

  • Master’s and Ph.D. students shall conduct research activities and submit a thesis as partial fulfillment of the degree.

Graduation :

  • The undergraduate degrees are awarded by the university to students who have completed the requisite number of credits with a Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) equivalent to pass or above

. • The Master’s and Ph.D. degrees are awarded by the university to Graduate students whose thesis are accepted by a defense committee and be approved by the faculty and the university councils . .